What distinguishes governance from management?

The administrative-political system of the country, institutions such as governments and administration. What is their specificity? What distinguishes governance from management in the Russian political system?

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What is the self?

Institution of self-government — the part of the administrative and political system of the state, involving the formation of local authorities, de jure or de facto independent from Central authorities or, at least, not directly accountable to them.

If to speak about the political system of the Russian Federation, self-government in Russia is based on the level of municipalities, districts, towns, settlements. They produce their own legislative and Executive bodies that operate independently from the relevant structures at the level of government — Federal or regional. It can be administration councils, the mayor’s office.

It should be noted that the autonomy of municipal institutions of self-government in the Russian Federation still has limitation in the sense that their work is based on the provisions of local legislation, which must not contradict the norms of Federal and regional legal acts. In this sense, the political subordination of municipalities regarding public bodies may still be observed, as taken by the local authorities decision one way or another must meet the key strategic priorities developed by regional and Federal agencies and enshrined in legislation.

There are some sectors of legal relations, in which the municipal authorities of the Russian Federation have the right to intervene in a very limited way. For example, it concerns the tax sphere: all major types of payments to the Russian budget are defined and secured in the laws at the Federal level. A municipality may not establish a tax that is not provided for in the Federal code.

Thus, most importantly, what is the autonomy of the institution of self-government of the Russian Federation, definition of priorities in the development of socio-economic and political sphere at the local level, which must not conflict with those defined at the level of state power. In addition, municipal entities of the Russian Federation are not directly accountable to the Federal and regional authorities.

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Institute of management — element of the administrative and political system of the state, through which the Central authorities to solve local problems. In Russia it occurs by a direct intervention of the state in socio-economic and political processes in the regions and cities of the Russian Federation.

This Federal structure establish regional governance bodies, generally operating at the level of the Executive branch. Namely, ministries, agencies and services, which are directly subordinated to the relevant authorities in Moscow and are accountable to them. It can be noted that the legislature in subjects of the Russian Federation as a whole maintain independence from the Federal Assembly, however, as in the case of government, published their laws should not conflict with those adopted at the higher level.

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The main difference from government control in that the first political institution suggests Autonomous functioning of local authorities (when they are not accountable to the Federal and regional structures). In turn, the office and political institution, involving mandatory accountability bodies established in particular cities, Federal and regional agencies.

In General, self-government is exercised by those authorities that are considered to be local or municipal, and the governance structures of the Executive power in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The most important task of the state to properly delineate their powers, because the jurisdiction of both may cover the same territory.

Defining the difference between governance and management, shall fix the findings in the table.

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The government

What is common between them?

Governments and management may operate on the same territory (in the Russian Federation — city, district, settlement)

What is the difference between them?

Is a political institution, in which established local governments (in Russia independent from the Federal, regional and not directly accountable to them)
In the Russian Federation is a political institution, in which established regional authorities, accountable to the Federal agencies having jurisdiction and also on the territory of municipalities

Presents, as a rule, municipal authorities (in the Russian political system — administrations, councils, town halls)
In the Russian Federation is represented, as a rule, regional bodies of Executive power — ministries, agencies and services in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation

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