«All inclusive» from «ultra all inclusive»?

The modern rooms of the tourist hotels can be provided in formats such as «all inclusive» and «ultra all inclusive». What are their characteristics? «All inclusive» from «ultra all inclusive»?

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Facts about all inclusive

Under the format «all inclusive» is a system of tourist services in modern hotels, which involves the provision of the guest:

  • the actual hotel room;
  • power — usually 3 meals and drinks (mostly local production);
  • essential services — maintenance of rooms, restaurant services.

Another interpretation of the term under consideration is the format of providing the actual power in the hotels. In this case, the term is often written and pronounced in English- All Inclusive. In this manner it is even Russian-speaking tourists and the suppliers of hotel services.

The system «all inclusive» in relation to nutrition involves the provision of tour Breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of the principal, most frequently used products, as well as reasonably priced drinks (unlimited amount), in some cases supplementary feeding in the form of light snacks.

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Under the reporting format is a system of tourist services in which the hotel provides to the guest:

  • all the same preferences as in the case of the format «all inclusive»;
  • more expensive food and drinks (in many cases imported) during the day;
  • additional services — for example, lessons with children and consultations, sightseeing services, access to sporting infrastructure.

As in the case with the previous term, under the format of «ultra all inclusive» may also refer specifically to a system for providing power to the hotel. It usually includes:

  • 4 meals a day- early and late Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner;
  • presence in the menu is relatively expensive meals — local cuisine and international recipes, desserts, sweets, wide range of drinks.

to contents ↑the Difference between «all inclusive» and «ultra all inclusive»

The main difference between «all inclusive» from «ultra all inclusive» is that the second system involves providing tourists with additional services or more expensive drinks (if we consider these terms in a broad sense), as well as more qualitative and varied products and dishes (if to understand under the relevant terms only formats catering to hotels).

Many hotels allow tourists originally purchased a package of «all inclusive», to receive services in the format of «ultra all inclusive» for an extra charge.

It can be noted that the term «ultra all inclusive» (All Inclusive or Ultra in the English version) is most widely used by hoteliers in Egypt and Turkey. In Western Europe it is not too popular.

Having considered the difference between «all inclusive» and «ultra all inclusive», will record the findings in the table.

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«Ultra all inclusive»

What is common between them?

Both systems provide your tour a minimum of 3 meals, drinks, basic services

What is the difference between them?

While understanding the term in a broad sense — facilities and improved menus are available only when payment for them
While understanding the term in a broad sense — by default, includes additional features and improved menu

While understanding the term in a narrow sense (as format power) — the hotel offers 3 meals from basic food and cheap drinks
While understanding the term in a narrow sense (as format power) — the hotel provides the tourists with 4 meals a day (sometimes more often), including more diverse food and more expensive drinks

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