Sea buckthorn oil for face: apply the mask from wrinkles and pimples on the skin

Sea buckthorn is an orange berry, which is not only very tasty but also very useful. The oil derived in the refining process, is widely used in medicine as anti-inflammatory antibacterial drug. Not less effective is sea buckthorn oil for face used in cosmetics, can have on the skin complex effect: moisturizes, rejuvenates, nourishes, whitens, soothes, reduces rashes, helps the youth to last longer.

Oil for skin sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn oil is reddish-orange with a product specific smell and taste. It contains a huge amount of useful therapeutic substances, vitamins (B, A, E, C, K), microelements (manganese, magnesium, Nickel, iron, calcium, silicon) that are necessary for skin. Characteristic carotenoids give color, able to moisturize the skin, prevent the appearance of early wrinkles, get rid of the peeling, to improve the complexion. Sea buckthorn in the product (composition) contains:

  • phospholipids that are actively involved in the process fat, normalize it;
  • sterols, natural compounds, good coping with different inflammations;
  • oleic acid, which restores the immune system, activates the lipid metabolism and holds moisture.

Useful properties of sea buckthorn oil

In oil liquid amber is perfectly balanced vitamins and minerals. The benefits of sea buckthorn oil:

  1. Has anti-sclerotic and anti-tumor properties.
  2. Displays the salts of heavy metals.
  3. Normalizes cholesterol metabolism.
  4. Improves heart.
  5. Helps increase elasticity of blood vessels.
  6. Soothes and calms the skin.
  7. Has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties.
  8. Accelerates the stimulation of growth of damaged tissues.
  9. Increases the growth of hair.
  10. Helps with female and cancer, with obesity.


Not recommended the use of sea buckthorn oil:

  • during pregnancy;
  • allergies;
  • patients suffering from disorders of the digestive tract;
  • diabetics;
  • hypersensitive;
  • patients with cholangitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, cholelithiasis;
  • children under 12 years of age.

The use of oil of sea-buckthorn in the home of cosmetology

Small sour berries of orange and products based on them have found application in medicine, still widely used sea buckthorn oil in cosmetics. Often in the beauty industry it is used for the care of eyelashes, skin, hair. Thanks to the vitamins that are in the composition, the product is recommended for aging skin. Often used for preventive treatments.

For problem skin

  • Using sea buckthorn oil for the face can be to make the lightening of freckles. If you constantly spots to wipe this orange part, those will not be as noticeable.
  • Beauticians recommend to use the oil for dry skin, it is also used to combat acne. For this purpose it is necessary in equal proportions to mix the bran, sea buckthorn and walnut. For a while, apply the mixture on the problem area and rinse with water. The procedure is best done before bedtime.
  • For local use against acne, little need a drop to apply on the inflammation, remove after 15 minutes.


Sea buckthorn oil nourishes the skin, softens and gives moisture, prolongs youth. The most remarkable feature of the product is the ability to align the surface of the skin, improve its elasticity, the elimination of sagging and wrinkles. You can enhance the effect of the use of orange staff, if to take with him the same amount of grape or castor oil. Apply the mask on trouble areas for 10 minutes, and then rinse the part with water.

For eyelashes

Sea buckthorn fruit can have a beneficial effect on eyelashes. The oil strengthens the follicles, softens the hair, making it durable and elastic. If you constantly use a mask, where the main ingredient is sea buckthorn, the growth of eyelashes is faster, the loss will be reduced. In addition, sea buckthorn product is rich in useful components, which need eyelashes. Mask even moisturize hair, gives them silkiness and volume.

Recipes of masks for the face with sea buckthorn oil

There are plenty of masks with the use of sea buckthorn oil, the most popular is acne. It will require:


  • 1 tsp orange juice;
  • 1 tablespoon of blue clay;
  • 1 tsp sea buckthorn oil.

The mask is as follows:

  1. Before preparation of sea buckthorn mask need to pre-steam the skin and clean it with toner.
  2. The next step is to mix all components until a homogeneous mass.
  3. Apply the mixture on the face. Then cover for 15 minutes with a paper towel.
  4. When the time is up, warm water rinse. Apply any cream.
  5. A cosmetic mask make at least twice a week.

Another popular recipe is a mask for aging skin. For it will need the components:

  • 1 tsp sour cream;
  • 1 tbsp sea buckthorn oil;
  • 1 egg yolk.

The mask is as follows:

  1. Before applying the composition of the cleaned skin with a special lotion.
  2. Mix all ingredients until smooth.
  3. Already on the cleaned area, apply the mask, put cling-film, leaving holes for the nose, eyes, mouth.
  4. After 10 minutes, the tape should be removed and no remnants of the mixture with water.
  5. In this mask film is used to create the compression effect.

Video: mask for facial rejuvenation at home


Ivan, 35 years: My child recently got burned badly, I immediately put it on the red bump with oil from sea buckthorn, as I read that the product helps in healing wounds. The pain was gone in 10 minutes. There was a small scar at the nose, but I think long it lasts will not.

Maria, 45 years: With the appearance of first wrinkles began to think seriously about the treatment using sea buckthorn oil. Make a special rejuvenating mask with him, add the olive oil and honey. Feel that the skin is tightened, and becomes lighter and glowing.

Ira, 27 years: Decided before going to sea to make a artificial tan with the help of sea buckthorn oil for face. The instructions read that you can add droplets in the composition of fatty cream. A few drops poured in and struck cream. Although the composition and started to slide, slightly bronze hue still remained.

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