Ombre on dark hair at home, photos before and after

The desire of modern women to perfection has no borders, so hairdressing tries to meet all wishes, needs of progressive clients. Ombre on dark hair – this is a fashionable technology that combines coloring and highlights. External transformation looks spectacular on darker and natural shade is the basis for the painting. The procedure is preferably carried out in a specialized salon under the guidance of a master, home-made efforts may be inept for a new image.

What Ombre hair

Not everyone knows the definition. A new technology called «the effect of burned hair». The main goal is to brighten a few of the curls that gives hair volume and presentable, helps to update the image. The use of Ombre on dark hair especially appropriate because blondes would have to darken the natural color of the strands. In the case of reincarnation brunettes transition will be smooth, unobtrusive, harmonious.

Color brand

This is a unique technology in the art of hairdressing, where a new color is selected by the master. The main challenge for dark hair to lighten a few strands 2-3 shades with regard to natural hue. If the nature of the light curls, and the procedure brondirovaniya decided the blonde, the wizard will darken some strands 2-3 shades.

Smooth transitions look harmoniously, rejuvenate the face, attach the new image flair and mystery. When you return to natural hair color and the natural re-growth of locks not immediately touch up the roots because the hair still looks fresh and interesting. Skillful execution of Ombre changes the appearance beyond recognition, allows you to emphasize the dignity of the person.

A staining technique

Fashionable hair coloring provides the best shade, and the secret of the technology lies in the colour change not with the roots, and when indented two centimeters (maximum). It seems that the natural hair begins to grow, but this effect does not spoil, but only emphasizes the flavor of the chosen hairstyle. The result is stunning, and many Hollywood stars have already experimented with it on a personal example.

Zonal Ombre

This is a special technique of colouring hair in which color changes in lower and upper zone. In the first case we are talking about clarification, and the second is the darkening of ringlets in rich and uniform color. To emphasize the effect of burned hair, there is a need to paint the roots a little lighter. Such difficulties demonstrate once more that to do Ombre at home will not work without the participation of a professional.


It’s a smooth transition from dark hair color to light. The first shade is natural and the second one is selected master, starting from base (the base color). The highlight of this technology is the play of colors, when in one harmonious hairstyle contains several complementary shades. Ombre provides smooth transitions, adding a female, the softness and complaisance.


The winning advantage for black hair which are taken as main color. For Ombre, you can use bright colors in various shades, it is important to preserve the image of the brunette. For owners of dark curls is a harmonious solution will refresh, rejuvenate the face, will feel the ease of the new style. Glaring highlights suited for medium hair, does not exclude the presence of unruly curls. At veil technologies work with light strokes that form the image of easy, creative.


This technology is native to Brazil represents a love of sun and the game of contrasts. Ombre Copacabana has several modifications, each of which gives the feminine, the element of surprise, of eternal youth and vitality:

  1. Breeze – technology focusing on the length and ends.
  2. Chic – a technology in which the ends lighter than the roots of the hair.
  3. Sun cocktail is a method that provides volume and curls graduations.
  4. Latina is a harmonious combination of dark strands and volume.


This Ombre on quads of any size, successful experiment of many celebrities. Fashion technology tried the legendary women of Hollywood, has found its spread in the masses and continues to enjoy great popularity. Sophisticated craftsmen provides all the length of hair, using the most unexpected of bases and shades.

How to make bronirovanie dark hair at home

For the procedure the first thing you want to determine the main color your hair, choose a compromise solution. The shade can remain natural, but do not rule out radical staining. After the final selection, it is important to prepare everything necessary for painting and to act in the following sequence:

  1. While maintaining natural hair at the roots and separate the curls to strike the main tone.
  2. After staining roots to perform a classic highlight foil, drawing individual strands. To start the procedure from the occipital lobe, using two shades.
  3. Go to an open weave, which provides a chaotic painting remaining natural curls.
  4. In conclusion, again to dye hair roots in the basic color.

Video lessons from professionals

If beginning masters puzzled fashion new technology, training can pass on the proposed course. Famous professionals from the screen monitor will not only tell about the sequence of actions and the rules of choice of shades, but will also share their small secrets that will allow you to create the most unexpected images of women.

Staining band on dark hair

Ombre on short hair

Photo before and after

To understand what effect will be seen after leaving the salon, it is necessary to study the examples of Ombre, to find its natural colour and to make a prediction for the future. Includes photographs eloquently proves that there is a difference, and the updated image instills confidence, gives a feeling of self-perfection and inner strength.


Marina, 21 years: I experimented with Ombre at home, but realized that the procedure should be trusted only to professionals. Whether with paint messed up, but the resulting hair color was unpleasantly surprised. I had to go to the salon to fix this «beauty», and to suffer with a failed Ombre. So don’t skimp on their beauty, still more will come.

Svetlana, 26 years: My master is not recommended that the Ombre on brown hair, explaining that this option is more for brunettes. I insisted, but the result is really inspired. It is something in between: on the one hand, the strands gleaming in the sun, but on the other hand the desired volume I have not seen. So much enthusiasm from such a procedure is not experienced.

Inna, 19 years old: the second time I did the Ombre and is very happy. Always on TV stare at the hairstyles of the women from the beaches of Miami. After Ombre on dark hair itself has this effect of burned hair. Looks stylish, the face is young, and in my case less noticeable rough features. This softness is right for me, so I found my way.

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