Autogenic training to calm the nervous system and relax the body

The method of acquiring mental equilibrium using a number of techniques of self-hypnosis called autogenic training. Each person can convince themselves of anything, including the condition of moral rest. A lot of people need anger management to calm the nervous system due to exposure to various stressful circumstances. The method helps to restore the balance of biochemical processes in the body. Sometimes you can change traits, and in some cases – to get rid of bad habits. To learn autogenic training is simple, the main thing – to believe in themselves.

What is auditory training

This is a psychological technique that helps a person to acquire a moral calm through certain techniques of auto-suggestion. The essence of this process is to calm the nervous system and relaxation of the whole organism even in the conditions of daily stress. According to psychologists, auditory training refers to the hypnotic impacts, however, the main feature of the suggestion is directly involved in the process. The value of such training lies in the ability:

  • to control the muscle tone;
  • to cause at will the necessary emotional state;
  • a positive influence on the nervous system;
  • to focus on the desired.

Indications and contraindications

Auditory training is suitable for people suffering from such ailments as nervousness, panic attacks, nervous breakdown and other psychosomatic diseases. Good performance self-hypnosis shows in the cure of disease based on emotional stress (asthma, endocarditis, hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders, constipation and others). Auto-training is not worth doing for those who suffer from autonomic crises, Breda, the condition is unclear consciousness and physical attacks. Self-regulation helps to heal the nervous system of children and pregnant women.

Techniques of self-regulation

Management of psychoemotional state is called self-regulation. As a result of successful work can be achieved the effects of soothing (to reduce emotional tension), restoration (to eliminate symptoms of depression) and enhance (improve psycho-physiological reactivity). Natural methods of self-regulation of the nervous system are:

  • healthy sleep;
  • healthy food;
  • music;
  • the recreation and others.

Make use of the techniques of autogenic training in the workplace and in other public places can be overtaken by stress or fatigue, difficult. The most available methods of natural self-regulation are:

  • laughter, humor;
  • think about pleasant things;
  • smooth body movements (stretching);
  • admiring the pleasant things (flowers, paintings, etc.);
  • bathing in the sun rays;
  • a pleasant sensation of inhaling fresh air;
  • support for the compliments.

The basic tools of anger management

In addition to the natural techniques of anger management, there are mental tools of self-regulation, which are expressed in the visualization (the effect of mental images), affirmations (words of power), control of breathing and muscle tone. They encapsulate a common concept of meditation. Auto tools can be applied in all situations, especially when the emotional state has reached a negative peak. Meditation for calm – a good way to keep the affected nervous system.

The control of breathing

It is an effective means of influencing the emotional parts of the brain and tense areas of the body, which is a part of autogenic training. There are two types of breathing – thoracic and abdominal muscles. The ability to manage both relaxation of the body leads to different effects. Deep measured breathing and the stomach will lead to relax tight areas of the body. Sometimes to improve the mental state of the body with the necessary tensions. For this purpose, frequent thoracic breathing, which will provide a high level of human activity.

Management of muscle tone

Another way of self – liberation from stress muscle tension. They often arise from negative emotional States. The ability to relax the muscles in the body will help to quickly restore power. After the procedure of relaxation in a well-treated muscle will have the feeling of pleasant heaviness and warmth. To remove tension in the body may fail, so you should focus on specific areas of the body.

Verbal impact

This method of auditory training affects mental and physical functions of the organism due to the mechanism of auto-suggestion. The effect of the method is due to the short tuning orders his «I», programming for success and sampoorna. For example, to keep in a tense, nervous situation, you should mentally say: «don’t let him spoil it!». The anger management worked, to zaprogrammirovat of success with the words: «Today I will succeed!». Raise self-esteem help mental praise: «I’m good!».

How to relax the nervous system

Separate a of autogenic training to calm the nervous system possibly due to some existing techniques. On each of the psychologists made a detailed step by step instructions:

  1. An example of self-regulation using the breath, after which the body will become calmer and more balanced:
    • produce a deep slow breath, counted to four;
    • viplachivat forward belly, holding stationary the rib cage;
    • hold your breath on the count 1-2-3-4;
    • make a smooth exhale, counting from one to six;
    • before the next inhale again, hold your breath for a few seconds.
  2. Auditory training in the control of muscle tone:
    • stretch out on a soft flat surface;
    • inhale and exhale deeply;
    • mentally find the tense areas of the body;
    • focus and tighten the seat clamps are even stronger (on inspiration);
    • feel the tension that appears;
    • reset it sharp (on the exhale);
    • perform the procedure several times.
  3. Exercises in auditory training with use of the verbal method:
  • specify the order yourself;
  • repeat it mentally several times;
  • if possible, speak your order out loud.

Basic techniques

Learn the basics of psihoneurozy possible thanks to the efforts of the first inventors of autogenic training by Vladimir Levi and Johann Schultz. The methodology of these psychologists on the use of self-discharging in the medical field and everyday life lay at the base of the treatment of diseases of the Central nervous system. Autogenic training described by levy and Schultz will help you to gain self-confidence, to improve the functioning of internal organs and to relieve psychological stress.

Autogenic training by Schultz

This method of recovery of the nervous system helps to reveal in man’s natural ability is self-hypnosis. The main goal is to set your body for recovery through meditation and complete relaxation of body and mental calm. According to Schultz, after doing autogenic training there are certain therapeutic effects:

  • physical and moral solace;
  • the strengthening of the Central nervous system;
  • awakening the body’s defenses;
  • the acquisition of self-confidence.

By Vladimir Levi

The training course of self-regulation of the levy is to apply the formulas of auto-suggestion to relieve mental and physical stress, restore nervous system. The therapeutic effect is achieved both verbally and with a little imagination. The program of development of auto-training occurs during this 15-week course, and the bulk of it is based on the principle of mental «tension-relaxation» of the muscles. This therapy helps with the full interest in the process and belief in your own capabilities.

Video for autogenic self-regulation

If you don’t know how to relax with autogenic training to calm the nervous system, then these helpful videos for you. Experienced psychologists will share the secrets of self-regulation. Doctors answer questions: what are the verbal commands, does therapeutic music for the nervous system, which methods of auto-training it is better to use. Learn how you can achieve a calming of the Central nervous system using self-mental, verbal, or breathing exercises.

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