Astigmatism treatment at home in children and adults: methods of correction

Disease astigmatism is a violation of visual acuity due to the deformation of the shape of the cornea, lens. This is due to a violation of the refraction of the rays which fall on the retina, and this causes blurred outlines of objects. In the early stages can be treated astigmatism at home. This is the best solution for people who want to spend the restore vision without surgery, but in the later stages without surgery the disease is not curable. In international medicine, the disease is labeled ICD-10 H52.2.

How to cure astigmatism in children and adults at home

To correct eyesight it is easiest in the early stages of the disease, so it is important to diagnose it as early as possible. Feature of the disease is its manifestation in children under one year. Notice that the baby becomes astigmatism difficult, high risk development of the disease. Children astigmatism is usually congenital, inherited. If one of the parents suffers from myopia (myopia) or farsightedness, you should routinely check your child for signs of vision problems.

The disease is usually divided into three degrees. Is considered mild astigmatism up to 3 D, the medium is in the range of 3-6 D, hi – 6 D. Regular examinations by an ophthalmologist will help to correct the vision without using laser surgery. Treatment depends on the type of astigmatism, which is divided into corneal and lenticular. The second option is a less severe form, so many were cured without surgery. In this case, glasses with astigmatism, the lenses and the drops will help in the reconstruction of the crystalline lens.

With astigmatic lenses

Vision correction can be carried out using toric contact lenses. For making you take the same material as regular lenses. To restore lens helps special spherocylindrical form. Lenses have two optical powers, one of which is for the correction of astigmatism along the Meridian and half on the vision improvement. You can purchase disposable or reusable contact lenses. The advantages of this method include:

  • the ability to create better conditions for binocular vision (both eyes);
  • minimal signs of image distortion and prismatic effect;
  • minimal change the image on the retina and visual fields.

Disadvantages to this method to improve vision too. Regular wearing lenses can cause inflammation, discomfort. In rare cases, the disease is exacerbated, astigmatism progresses. This effect passes after you stop wearing lenses. There are cases when prolonged use has led to metabolic-dystrophic changes in the cornea.

Drops to improve vision

Strengthen vision with astigmatism using eye drops including and vitamin. The main purpose is to improve metabolism, blood circulation in the eye lens and the cornea of the eye. The tool will not improve eyesight, but it helps to stop the progression of astigmatism. It is noted that especially useful drops for nearsighted and farsighted people. Popular medications you can find such names:

  • «Taufon»;
  • «Vinax»;
  • «Emoksipin»;
  • «Ujan».

With exercise for the eyes

In the early stages of the disease for the treatment of astigmatism at home doctors recommend to begin with exercises for the eyes. This is the easiest way to restore normal vision without additional funds, to be used in the form of prevention of development of disease. You need to engage a minimum of 2 times a day regularly, each exercise be repeated at least 6 times. Gymnastics for the eyes:

  1. To sleep, to move them vertically, then horizontally.
  2. Not opening the eyes, rotate them in a circle, then open and repeat the movement. The first 6 times in a clockwise direction, the second – against.
  3. Blinked for a minute.
  4. Bring your finger to the bridge of the nose, concentrate on the sight for 30 seconds.
  5. Choose two subjects. One should be close and the second far. Look at them in turn. This will activate the muscle fibers of the eye.

According to the method of Bates

You can use Basta to get rid of astigmatism. Another option exercises for the eyes, which was developed by American ophthalmologist. On the theory of Dr the disease problem lies in the uneven tension of muscles of the eye. He attributed this to the presence of myopia or hyperopia all people with this problem. When selecting exercises Bates took as a basis the ancient system of healing who claim that the power of the eyes is related to General health. Gymnastics on Bates:

  1. 100 big head turns.
  2. During cornering move your eyes around the page in small print between the lines, each of which gently blink. Combine a quick view on the page with turns of the head.
  3. Within minutes gently and often blink.
  4. Spend special exercises for nearsighted or farsighted people.

Folk remedies for the eyes

Popular methods:

  1. «Splashing water» – a simple method for the treatment of astigmatism at home. Need 30-50 times in cold water to splash on the eyes. This will improve blood circulation, metabolism.
  2. The infusion of the leaves of bilberry. In 1 liter of boiled water stir 2-3 teaspoons of leaves of bilberry. Leave on for 5-6 minutes, strain through cheesecloth. Drink infusion before meals throughout the day in equal portions.
  3. An infusion of eyebright. To treat astigmatism and improve vision in brew 1 liter of boiling water approximately 50 g ochanki. Let sit for 2-3 hours and strain through cheesecloth. Drink 100 g 3 times a day strictly before meals.

Features of treatment of astigmatism

Experts say that the initial stage of astigmatism (0.5 D) few treats, it is present in almost all people, but the vision is not affected. As a rule, start correction with glasses, lenses or gymnastics for the eyes. Everyone who suffers from this disease, should not read lying down or in poor light. In addition to working on eyes, should strengthen the organism as a whole: the sport, proper nutrition (enough vitamins). Based on the type of astigmatism, prescribed different treatment.


In this type of astigmatism a person has no clarity of vision nor far nor near. This is the most difficult to treat variant of the disease. It is necessary to reduce the optical power under one Meridian and increase on another, perpendicular to the first. For the treatment in children used glasses as a teenager – lenses. Prescribed for continuous wear.

For patients of Mature age points are selected with a combination of spherical, cylindrical glass. This allows to adjust the optical power of the main meridians of the eye. Available with toric lenses. The most effective treatment that will improve vision, will be vision correction laser, but without the prevention of the disease may relapse.


Blurred vision, which is diagnosed when myopia, can cause myopic astigmatism. It is important to detect the disease at early stages so that treatment was effective. To do this, you should regularly visit an ophthalmologist. Especially attentive need to be parents to their children. If you notice that the child squints or looks at something, tilting her head, complains of eye fatigue – take me to the doctor.

In the first stage for the treatment of astigmatism using eye exercises wearing lenses or glasses. As a rule, the operation on correction of vision, is the high stages of the disease, because prolonged use of glasses, lenses can cause headaches, dizziness. However, at the request of the patient, surgery can be done in the first stage.


In contrast to the previous, myopathic form, hyperopic is far-sighted astigmatism. Accurate data about the reasons for its existence, but it was believed that the disease is transmitted by inheritance. This is one of the important reasons for parents with this disease is very closely monitor the condition of the eyes of their children. There are two types of this disease:

  1. Simple hyperopic astigmatism. One eye sees good, and in the second there is a hyperopia.
  2. Compound hyperopic astigmatism. It hyperopia develops in both eyes.

For vision correction prescribed for adults wearing lenses or glasses during the execution of a specific job. Children also need to wear them constantly to avoid the occurrence of asthenopia, strabismus or amblyopia. These methods do not cure the disease, they only improve vision while you are wearing lenses or glasses. To correct astigmatism is possible only by surgical operation using the «alignment» of the cornea.

How to check eyesight at home on the computer

Each person can independently pass a test for astigmatism, if there is suspicion of the presence of this disease. This can be done right at home sitting in front of the computer. It’s not 100% accurate method, but to soothe his soul should go. You will see photos of snowflake with rays of equal thickness. People with good eyes will see all the lines equally clear snowflake detail. If you have astigmatism one the image less clear than the other.

Video: how to do gymnastics for eyes with astigmatism

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