Calcification in the lungs: causes and treatment of small entities

Every year the residents of Russia are scheduled medical tests to ensure its suitability and full health. However, research is not always clear to people. For example, if a snapshot of the FLG shows small calcifications in the lungs, what does this mean and is it a danger to the patient? This type of formations suggests that the human immune system is reflected infectious effect on the body, not allowing the disease to develop. More about this you learn from the review.

Which means if the chest x-ray shows calcification of the lungs

The composition of these formations is presented in lime, which limits the area of dead tissue. Often calcifications in the lungs are the residual effects, after the inflammatory processes that occurred previously. Chest x-ray helps to detect areas of fading age-related changes in the lungs of healthy people and those who suffer from certain diseases.

Such seals are areas of tissue of the organ are replaced by the calcium salts. The process of thickening and darkening of the active development of such areas threatens a person anoxia and reduced functionality of the respiratory system. Provoke accumulation of parasitic or infectious diseases for which treatment mistakes were made (e.g. tuberculosis or pneumonia). Those who had frequent contact with people who have TB, the results of fluoroscopy can show the dimming of light due to scale deposits.

Discover when you view your fluorogram dimming – not the best sign. This suggests that the person had to move the inflammation that has become chronic disease. The majority of sediment can be harmful bacteria that previously were the cause of infection. To determine the presence of calcifications in the lungs by a doctor, after a routine inspection. Patients additionally prescribe ultrasound tests. If tumors have not changed the structure of the lungs, then treatment generally is not prescribed.

What is calcification

The deciphering of the term lies in the root of the word – the accumulation of calcium (in different areas of the body). Increased pulmonary pattern on x-ray after a routine inspection is a serious reason to be surveyed in more detail. Deposits of this kind is always the result of the transferred inflammation that originated tuberculosis or concomitant symptom of the tumor.

Causes of

Calcification can occur for the following reasons:

  • pneumonia;
  • worm infestation;
  • basal microabscess;
  • getting into the lungs of a foreign body;
  • cancer;
  • disruption of the normal metabolism of calcium in the body;
  • congenital (very rare).

Methods of treatment

In patients with severe salt accumulation in the organs of the respiratory system there is no need to worry about treatment. A strong and healthy body itself cope with this problem. Annual fluorogram lungs help to control the situation. All the pictures keep it, so the doctor may compare the results and to observe the dynamics of changes. If necessary, the specialist will prescribe treatment.

It is important to remember that these neoplasms reduce the protective function of the human body, therefore it is necessary constantly to strengthen your immune system. Additionally, you can apply to the people’s recipes, for example, mix in equal parts raisins, honey, dried apricots, nuts, lemon juice and consume before meals. Children need 1 tsp and for adults 1 tbsp.

There are also a number of recommendations patients with calcifications:

  1. To abandon bad habits.
  2. To observe the correct mode of work, nutrition, recreation.
  3. To maintain cleanliness in the apartment.
  4. Do not use someone else’s utensils or hygiene products.

Video: how to treat the calcification of the lung

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