Actovegin in ampoules for injection: application instructions and analogues

Some manufacturers of the drug substances are manufactured in many different ways. These include powders, capsules, ointments, gels, suppositories and solutions in ampoules for injections. The last type is characterized in that is used in more serious health problems. Actovegin in ampoules is also prescribed for diseases at the stage when the pill less effective. How, then, is a dose? The following instructions will help you understand the rules for the use of Actovegin.

Instructions for use ampoules of Actovegin

In Handbook of drugs RLS Actovegin is listed as a medication-antihypoxic drug. Its function is to improve the supply of oxygen to the tissues due to the increase in their metabolism. The solution is clear or slightly yellowish liquid. Dosage in capsules is 2.5 or 10 ml, if they are intended for injection. To do the infusion – the infusion own bottles of 250 ml.


According to the abstract, the main solution is deproteinizirovanny gemmoderivato the blood of calves and of 1 ml for 40 mg of dry matter. This term is international unpatented name of product – INN. Actovegin contains and auxiliary components:

  • water for injections;
  • sodium chloride;
  • anhydrous glucose.

Why administered injections of Actovegin

The drug is able to help to transport and utilize glucose. Indications of Actovegin include a wide range of diseases:

  • metabolic disturbances and problems with blood vessels of the brain;
  • radiation damage to the skin and mucous membranes;
  • ulcers of different origin;
  • burns;
  • sores;
  • long healing wounds;
  • diabetes mellitus and diabetic polyneuropathy;
  • hypoxia of tissues and organs.

How to crack

The method of using Actovegin in ampoules may be intramuscular, intravenous or intra-arterial. The first method has a limit of 5 ml, since overdose increases the pressure. In addition, it is recommended to trial the introduction of Actovegin, to eliminate the possibility of an allergic reaction. The standard dose is 10-20 ml intravenously or intra-arterially. The specific amount depends on the severity of the disease. After the first injection transferred to 5 ml per day intramuscularly or intravenously several times a week.


If the active substance is injected intramuscularly, i.e. in the form of injections, the dosage is 5 ml per day. The maximum number of procedures is limited to 20. That’s what needs to be done to the drug itself or the patient:

  1. wash your hands with soap and water;
  2. preheat the ampoule hands;
  3. place it vertically with the point upwards;
  4. tap the ampoule to allow liquid to the bottom;
  5. break off the tip of the ampoule;
  6. a syringe type ampoule of solution;
  7. release a drop of fluid, holding the syringe needle upwards;
  8. visually divide the buttock into 4 parts;
  9. the upper outer square of rubbing alcohol;
  10. stretch the skin;
  11. insert the needle at 3/4 right angle into the muscle;
  12. enter aktovegin at a speed of 2 ml/min.;
  13. quickly remove the syringe;
  14. press the injection site with the swab.


The introduction of the drug is intravenously through injections or infusions. For infusion, the dosage is 10-50 ml diluted in 200-300 ml of isotonic sodium chloride solution. The latter is often substituted with 5% glucose solution. The main thing is to observe the rate of administration is 2 ml/min. Dosage of Actovegin in this case depends on the disease:

  • ischemic stroke is 20-50 ml during the week, and then 10-20 ml of 2 more weeks;
  • vascular disorders of the brain – 5-20 ml daily for about 2 weeks;
  • hard to heal wounds – 10 ml up to 4 times a week.

To make an injection of Actovegin intravenously, should:

  • to prepare the syringe with medication;
  • drag the hand over the bicep strap;
  • to work the Cam for swelling veins;
  • lubricate the area of injection with alcohol;
  • sticking a needle into a vein;
  • to remove the constriction;
  • to enter the medicine;
  • get a syringe and cotton wool to cover the injection site;
  • bend your arm for 5 minutes.

Side effects

Among the side effects of Actovegin are the following:

  • Allergy in the form of edema, rash, or itching;
  • the temperature increase;
  • hot flushes;
  • rapid pulse;
  • arrhythmia;
  • chest pain;
  • shortness of breath.


I Actovegin has limitations. The drug is prohibited under the following conditions:

  • children up to 3 years;
  • when kidney disease;
  • edema of the lungs;
  • if the detected heart failure;
  • in case you are hypersensitive to injections;
  • if you have problems with withdrawal from the body fluid;
  • when anuria.

Analogues of the drug

Identical is the drug «Solcoseryl». According to the description, this substitute is manufactured with the same technology and also contains deproteinizirovanny gemmoderivato the blood of a calf. The feature is that solkoseril does not include a preservative that increases the shelf life of Actovegin, but has a negative impact on the liver. Its price is from 800 p. Here are some more analogues of Actovegin in ampoules:

  1. «Cerebrolysin». Preparation of a new generation. Shown when the delay mental development in children, spinal cord and brain ischemic stroke. Price from 600 p.
  2. «Cortexin». Nootropic drug that improves brain function, positively affect attention, learning and memory. Price from 800 p.

Features of the application solution for injection

The first thing to think about if treatment with this drug is alcohol. Actovegin and alcohol completely opposite effects on the body. Drug improves cell respiration and harmful drink worsens. For these reasons, it is impossible to accept alcohol together with Actovegin. When administered intravenously, it is recommended to monitor the water-salt balance to prevent swelling. If the ampoule floating flakes, it should not be used for injection.

In children

Ampoules as a form of release for children are used a little less than pills. All because of frequent side effects and painful injections. If your doctor has prescribed a course of treatment with Actovegin, the children carry out a trial introduction, to prevent Allergy. The daily dosage in this case is calculated as 0.4-0.5 ml per 1 kg of body weight intramuscularly.

During pregnancy

For pregnant women Actovegin is also useful – it enhances the blood supply to the placenta, reduces the risk of blood clots, which leads to a more stable supply of fruit of the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Intravenous or intra-arterial dosage is 10 to 20 ml. After of course going on intramuscular injection, reducing the number to 5 ml of Actovegin Therapy is at least 10 sessions of introduction.

Reviews about the medicine

Tatiana, 35 years: Cardiovascular disorders in me since University. Saves only Actovegin, but the injections are very painful. What to do, have to be treated. State after infusions and injections improves, so the positive effect of Actovegin.

Anastasia, 28 years: After severe burns has not only prescribed the injection, and ointment Actovegin – injuries have delayed badly. After a course of therapy is much improved. The wounds quickly healed, so Actovegin in the form of ointment is always kept in the medicine Cabinet. As for injections, the procedure is painful, but it’s worth it.

Natalia, 43 years: In the first pregnancy was a threatened miscarriage, so the doctor prescribed Actovegin. The child eventually born healthy and without any deviations, but for prevention he prescribed a course of pills. The doctor was convinced that it allowed for newborns. No side effects I didn’t notice, so I can safely recommend.

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