Bezammiachnaja a paint for hair: the best professional brands

Together with the decision to repaint the hair a different color before the woman raises the problem of the choice of the manufacturer and the chemical composition of the paint. Most dyes harm the roots of the high content of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Bezammiachnaja a paint for hair causes minor damage, ideal for women, curly by nature, and the fair sex, the curls of which have a porous structure.

Features ammonia hair coloring

Paint without ammonia hair works as follows: it does not penetrate deep into the structure, but only coats the strand outside. Radically change the color by using ammonia compounds will not work. The composition can enhance the natural color or tinted colored curls. For a long time using one dye, the effect will become more vivid, thanks to the accumulated pigment within. Ammonia does not dry texture, adds Shine and provides the necessary care.

A major disadvantage of ammonia dye is a price much higher than the cost of products containing excessive amounts of harmful compounds. Gray roots ammonia hair dye does not overpower. A positive result from the use of ammonia agents can feel not every woman on some strands the effect of staining is not visible at all. This type is washed off quickly, within 2-3 weeks.

Working with dye without ammonia differs from the use of conventional substances. When you use the latest recommend not to wash your hair to chemical compounds is better has permeated the structure of the hair. To successfully use ammonia clean strands means mandatory — it is applied to clean, wet or dry curls. Prior to application of the coloring pigment on the entire length of the strands should be spread protective agent. The effect will be better if the whole range of drugs used relates to one brand.

List of hair colors without ammonia

Choice ammonia hair dyes on the store shelves is great. The beauty salons also boast a wide range of safe colors. To choose the manufacturer suitable for you, is not easy. Between brands there is a difference in quality and durability. The palette of colors at each company own. Individual characteristics of women influence the choice.


  • «Estelle». The brand is popular in most salons, because its cost is low and efficiency is at the proper level.
  • «L’oreal». Holds much less, about a couple of months, but the condition of the scalp improves.
  • «The matrix». Created not only for use in the salon, but also to use at home. Some of the best dye for blonde.
  • «Schwarzkopf». German cosmetic company. The paint strengthens the hair, as it contains extract of lychee fruit and white tea. Any blonde will find the perfect color decisions for yourself.
  • «Campus». Drugs produced in Russia. There is a huge palette of shades, and hair restoration, and long-lasting color, and hypoallergenic.
  • «Kutrin». Finnish mark, money which contain only natural ingredients.

Cream colors

The idea that only professional ammonia paint efficiently perform their task, has no basis. Dyes an optimal price range, mass-market, can give the hair a healthy look. Gentle cream hair dye without ammonia eliminates harmful component from the composition. The compositions of mass consumption have your ranking among the admirers.

  • «Garnier». Most popular. Known for its harmless effects. A wide color palette.
  • «Vella». Components of the drug act intensively on the hair texture, color is bright and saturated. Significantly lighten curls with these solutions is not difficult.
  • «Londa». One of the most persistent creamy colors. Toning and brightening with the help of drugs «Londo» always happy with the result.
  • «Casting». A quality product from Loreal. Highlighting these solutions will satisfy the most discerning women.

Can pregnant women dye their hair dye without ammonia

Women often wonder whether to dye your hair compounds without ammonia during pregnancy. It is difficult to make a definitive decision, when stylists answer in the affirmative, and doctors strongly advise against the use of dye chemical compounds. The medical community is reinforced by the fact that the composition of the dye are toxic substances in huge quantities. Toxins enter the human body not only by inhalation but also through the scalp and can seriously affect a child’s development, especially in the first trimester.

The composition of the ammonia paints toxic substances are not included, use harmless substitutes, and color their hair. It is better to take the shade that is closest to natural color, which will reduce the intensity of the staining to a minimum. To change the color on the head can be no more than once a trimester. During pregnancy you may experience an allergic reaction, which has not previously been observed, therefore, before applying the components in the head, check the paint on the strands.

How often can I color my hair bezammiachnaja a paint

Safe hair dye does not pose a serious cause to worry, for the health of the woman can be tranquil. The components included in composition of these dyes are not permanent, so put on a little makeup often. Experts advise to use ammonia dye no more than once per month. On responses of women, the whole time the dye stays in the hair, not any. Depending on the texture of the strands, the color can be kept for up to three months, especially if you use tones close to natural.

Video about coloring gray hair


Maria, 25 years: Used bezammiachnaja a paint of the company Loreal. He liked the result. The color was bright and deep. The curls after you use the trains without ammonia not flogged, did not create a lifeless effect. Gladly post their photos after painting on a social network.

Ksenia, 33 years: I like the result after using Estel. For me was perfect. Friends make compliments, men give flowers. My little secret in the fight against dull and lifeless locks. The Dodge brand «Estelle» does not harm, after a while the head does not turn yellow.

Catherine, 52 years: Use dye manufacturer Schwarzkopf. Roots stained in the usual composition of ammonia do not take; toiruu dyes without ammonia. It is a pity that the paint for gray hair with safe composition is not yet established. A friend advised to try an Italian preparation, but it does not fit, returned to the old, but proven.

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