Folding travel chair

Складной туристический стул

Folding travel chair is designed to make comfortable your stay at the cottage, fishing or a picnic.

The advantages of the foldable travel chair

Travel chairs are a useful addition to your holiday and have a number of advantages:

  • compact, take up very little space when folded;
  • easy to use;
  • convenience in storage and transportation;
  • easy to clean.

Types of folding travel chairs

Depending on the design distinguish these types of folding travel chairs:

  • Stool. Is the simplest version of the chair. Consists of two arcs and a rectangular seat made of fabric. Stool is easy to fold, easy to repair, because its service life is quite long.
  • Folding travel chair with backrest without armrests. It is light (under 1 kg) but can withstand loads up to 100 lbs. when folded it can be placed in the carrying case that provides convenient storage and transportation.
  • Folding travel chair with backrest with armrests and Cup holder. These models are slightly more weight (about 3 kg) and is able to withstand greater loads (up to 120 kg).
  • Depending on the material from which made the frame of the chairs, they are divided into:

    • folding travel chair aluminum;
    • steel chair;
    • plastic chair.

    Depending on the type of fabric from which made the seats for chairs, they are:

    • polyester;
    • nylon;
    • cotton.

    An additional advantage are considered to be the waterproof properties of the fabric.

    Travel chair

    Maximum comfort, you will create a travel chair. It is more comfortable compared to a chair with lots of functions, namely:

    • almost all seats of the stand there under the mug;
    • the chair arm has a small countertop where you can place small items, and even camping lamp;
    • fishermen will fit models with a special stand Складной туристический стулunder the rod;
    • the seat construction has pockets for small items, which can accommodate a mobile phone and various necessary things.

    You will be able to secure a comfortable rest on the nature, selecting the most appropriate model foldable travel chair. If necessary, you can buy kits from several chairs that are included with the table.


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