How to water the seedlings?

Как поливать рассаду?

For growing strong seedlings is very important to know how to water. Despite the fact that the irrigation procedure seems very simple, you will need to pay attention to many aspects.

How to water the seedlings?

Proper watering of seedlings is carried out in several stages:

  • Watering when planting seeds. The soil prepared for planting seeds, well watered. On its surface lay the seeds on top of them covered with a dry loose soil. Many have a question: do I need to water the seedlings until germination? It is recommended to check how moist the soil remains. If required, slightly moistened (so that the surface was without the crusts) using a small watering can. After emergence, stop watering for 2-3 days, so they both should be stronger. Then, the seedlings Spud to the cotyledon leaves.
  • Watering small seedlings. It is produced with great care not to damage the seedlings. The earth is moistened around the plants to prevent formation of water near their roots. This is done to did not develop blackleg disease, which may occur at the place of contact of the stem to its exit from the earth. If seedlings are planted in cups, it is advisable to water around their perimeter, if in boxes – then water is poured specially made in the land grooves.
  • Watering of grown-up seedlings. After the shoots grow, and get stronger their root system, watering can be done by pouring water into the pan. The roots will have enough power to pull water from the bottom.
  • There are cases where seeds are planted using the method of «snail». While novice gardeners interested in: how to water the seedlings in the snails? Moisturize on top of the seedlings, watering is carried out very carefully.

    Water for irrigation of seedlings

    The water used for watering of seedlings should be of high quality and meet the following requirements:

    • to have a neutral acid-alkaline balance;
    • contain less harmful impurities – chlorine, heavy metals and others.

    Many people prefer to use aged tap or distilled water.

    Как поливать рассаду?

    Experienced gardeners answer in the affirmative to the question: is it possible to water the seedlings with rain water? It is oxygenated and has a neutral reaction. To reduce the likelihood of the water chemicals, you must follow these rules in its collection:

    • not to collect it after a long dry period.
    • you should wait about half an hour after a long heavy rain. You can then start collecting water.

    The observance of these simple rules will help you to watering seedlings.


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