Aquarium algae

Аквариумные водоросли

Aquarium algae aquarists bring a lot of difficulties. There are so many different kinds of plants, and some of them are really almost impossible to care, for example, do not want to grow or on the contrary very active breed, selecting at fish space. To prevent this from happening, you should regularly, at least once in two weeks, to cut the seaweed, remove the decayed plants.

Types of aquarium algae

Aquarium algae have different types. The most common and popular are the following:

  • green;
  • diatoms or brown;
  • blue-green;
  • red.

Aquarium algae, varieties of which there are hundreds, can be filamentous in form, to grow in tufts, etc. It is unnatural for these plants, and the occurrence of such change shows that in the aquarium there are problems. For example, if you become filamentous algae, then the water is supersaturated with iron. If the plants become thin and tough, it’s time to lower the lighting in the aquarium.


It is extremely important to remember that the aquarium in which there are plants that need much more to wash, to clean the glass from flying. Aquarium algae have different types and names, but the methods of escaping or fighting them almost the same. If you want to get rid of algae that prevent the active propagation of fish, be prepared for a difficult, long struggle. The fact that algae spores are extremely tenacious. In addition, they can get into the aquarium with water, food for the fish.

You can use various chemical absorbers, which are much more successful than mechanical methods (for example, frequent washing of the aquarium). But here we must remember that these drugs can be toxic and often cause the death of both young stock and adults.


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