Aquarium tetragona

Аквариумные тетрадоны

Aquarium fish Tetradon is considered unusual inhabitant of the sea depths. It’s impressively aggressive and sometimes surprising ways to protect their own territory. In the event of a threat this little fish balloons extending from the gastric pouch, and becomes like a balloon. Thus it deters those who coveted her territory.

The character of tetragonal

Incredibly beautiful, but pretty predatory aquarium tetragona very cruel to his victims. Their bony plates, which are located in the mouth, very sharp. If someone is caught in the jaws of tetragona, he will die a painful death — fish splits in the dust shells of snails, clams, oysters, them prefer to eat this aquatic dweller. In the gonads and muscles of tetragona is toxic, a strong poison that when ingested paralyzes its victims.

Breeding tetragonal

Tetragona the aquarium have quite a problem breeding. The fact that their sexual characteristics are very mild, and every case of the appearance of the offspring is believed to be almost unique. Of course, the spawning can be stimulated artificially. For this purpose it is necessary to give the fish proper food, raise the aquarium temperature water.

In addition, do not forget that «love-making» tetragona prefer «clean house», so the water in the aquarium you need to constantly dilute fresh. These fish are completely lacking parental care to offspring. Females can release eggs on the bottom and forget about them forever. Sometimes it is different — the male can guard the postponed caviar. However, this is not as common.

Compatibility tetragonal

Tetrazona aquarium and will work with other aquatic animals — is a different story. Аквариумные тетрадоныEach fish has its own special character, and is often manifested more aggression toward others than peace of mind. However, they can get along with other fish, but only if those much bigger and calmer. Otherwise it will be torn fins and received other «remoteless» injury.

Nor should we delude ourselves with the thought that in General the aquarium can bring in the young of tetragona, which is slow and sluggishness. Very soon the fish-the aggressor will grow roots and begin to set their own rules. Small fish will simply disappear from the aquarium in a certain direction, but one that is larger, will be without fins. Especially the negative Tetradon configured to aquatic animals that have fins valvidia.


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