Aquarium shark catfish

Аквариумный акулий сом

Aquarium shark catfish called pangasius. Externally this fish is very similar to a miniature shark with a compressed body, a comparatively high fins and a silvery color. With age the color of the body acquires a darker, gray color. Shark catfish can grow up to 130 centimetres in length (in the nature). He is quite active, prefers to stay alone in a large, close-knit bunch and likes to be in the aquarium a lot of space.

Reproduction shark catfish

Aquarium shark catfish, and procreation — two things are perfectly compatible, unlike tetragona. This fish spawns from early summer to late autumn. The youngsters already on the second day floats freely. But to breed aquarium catfish is very difficult due to the fact that this fish high demands on the spawning grounds. In nature it is in a constant migration, and the conditions for spawning is very difficult to recreate in an aquarium. You should be very careful to ensure that the aquarium was enough food, otherwise pangasius will start to eat each other.

Compatibility shark catfish

Compatible aquarium shark catfish is possible only with those representatives of the water element, which he cannot swallow. In other words, only those who is either in his weight class or bigger. If only the aquarium will appear more small fish, then the catfish will see it as lunch or dinner. Juveniles of pangasius prefer to live in flocks, but with age, the fish tends to solitude and loneliness.

Memo to the aquarist

Aquarium fish shark catfish is quite active inhabitant of the water. He is in constant motion, a sort of fish-fidget. It is extremely important that the aquarium in which he lives pangasius, no sharp objects. The fact that the skin is really smooth and very thin, it has no bone coverage as other fish. So stumbling on a sharp stone, aquarium catfish can severely injure yourself.


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