Seeding tomato seedlings in the greenhouse

Посев семян помидор на рассаду в парник

Tomatoes like to grow in their fields, many gardeners. Some buy ready seedlings, while others prefer to grow them from seed yourself. The cultivation of tomato seedlings in the greenhouse significantly improves its quality. It is sturdy and hardened.

When to sow tomatoes in greenhouse?

If the unheated greenhouse, plant seedlings in it only after warming up of the soil, thus the plant should have 5-7 leaves and the root system should be well developed.

In the mid-to late may, even in the middle lane it is safe to plant tomatoes in the greenhouse. It is preferable to do it in the second half of the day, even towards evening and in cloudy weather. Then the seedlings better and faster will take root.

Planting tomatoes in the greenhouse on seedlings

In the southern regions allowed the sowing of seeds of tomato seedlings directly in the greenhouse. For this you need to prepare the ground and build a heating system. This can be done by using manure or electricity. In the first case, on the bottom of the trench under the greenhouse is laid out horse manure, sprinkled with river sand, and then superimposed a layer of fertile soil. In the process of rotting manure generates heat, which heats the greenhouse.

The dry sowing tomato seeds in the greenhouse in the spring is made after checking the quality and disinfection. The distance between rows in the greenhouse should be 15-20 cm, and the grooves have to do with depth of 3-5 cm don’t forget to sign varieties of tomatoes, placing flags at the end of each row.

Pour the furrows before the planting of seeds, the seeds must be dry because they have a greater chance of survival in case of a sudden cold snap. Spread seeds at a distance of 1-2 cm from each other.

The greenhouse covering should be dense with the use of the thick film, which does not produce heat, but is highly transparent to solar rays. Do not remove the wrap until the first sprouts.

Care of seedlings of tomatoes in the greenhouse

When the seedlings first true leaves, it Посев семян помидор на рассаду в парникshould be thinned, leaving the distance between plants 2 see Re-thinning is carried out after 3-4 weeks. You need to remove weak and poorly developed plants.

After each thinning teplichku well moisturize to destroy the formed air pockets, which can badly affect the development of the remaining seedlings.

Also after the second thinning in the greenhouse need to top up the land in between rows so that the root system of tomato was developed better. Definitely you need to fertilize the seedlings every 2-3 weeks after emergence. You can use ready-made fertilizer, diluted it in water and spraying the seedlings.


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