Blender-chopper will allow you to carry out a lot of useful processes for the preparation of cooking of meals.

Device blender-grinder

The device design consists of a motor part, various attachments, a bowl of knives. The advantage of blender is its compact size, it does not take much space and easy to clean. An additional advantage is the presence of a bowl-grinder blender for both larger and smaller sizes.

When you buy the device it is recommended to pay attention to its power. If you want to use it to grind meat and solid foods, you should choose a blender with power not less than 600 V. the Nozzle of the device, it is preferable to choose plastic, but metal, which is usually more reliable.

What is chopper in a blender?

Using bits-grinder blender for you can perform the following processes:

  • mashing the soft products;
  • grinding solids into small pieces;
  • mixing dough of different consistencies.

In addition, if in the configuration of the device has a nozzle-whisk, he will be able to perform the function of the mixer, for example, beat the eggs for the dough or cocktails. Also the blender can be equipped with a nozzle for chopping ice. If not, then it cannot be used for the grinding of frozen juice to water.

What can you grind in chopper blender?

With the Mincer you can prepare:

  • puree a variety of fruits or cooked vegetables,
  • ground beef;
  • liver pate;
  • sauces from different products;
  • chop the greens.

There are products that blender cannot handle. These include cereals, coffee, nuts, meats in frozen form. Also the device will not be able to knead a tight dough.

Thus, this multifunctional device is able to provide you with substantial help in the kitchen.


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