Tourist hatchet

Туристический топорик

This tourist is aware of the value of travel gear camping. And if a man takes a knife or an axe, chances are he’s inexperienced, and used to more comfortable conditions of stay. Impassable locations need special training. So, tourist hatchets – what are they and how to choose them?

The purpose of the tourist hatchet

With the help of a hatchet while Hiking, you can perform many manipulations. For example, to produce the pegs for the tent pegs to hammer into the ground, to cut the branches on the way, collect firewood and chips for a fire, build a hut, a shelter, trap animals, build a raft and much more.

How to choose the best tourist hatchet?

Because we need a marching instrument, it needs to be endowed with such properties as compactness and light weight. The handle can be made of different materials, but it is better to choose rubberized, that the axe lay well even in sweaty hands and will not slip. It is desirable that the handle had a bright color so you could easily find it on the ground and not lost somewhere in the forest.

Certainly tourist hatchet must be the case that can be attached to a backpack and not be afraid to hurt yourself or close running friends.

The blade has a camp ax should be straight, and the hole for toporishcha – tapering to axe him from slipping off. All these requirements fully comply with the Soviet tourist hatchets times of the 60s. They are usually metal and have a length of about 30 cm after Serving our fathers faithfully, they continue to fully implement its purpose.

More modern axes from manufacturers type «Fiskars», «Bahco» or «SAW» also established themselves well enough. Manufacturers of chain saws «Stihl and Husqvarna» produce high-quality, light and comfortable axe that can with great success be used during outings.

Tips for using your travel axe

Regardless of how high the quality of your axe, remember that Туристический топорикit is not designed for continuous felling of trees and chopping wood daily. Much longer he will «live», if used in a Duo with a light hacksaw (a saw).

In the winter, the Hiking is better not to use hatchets with plastic handle, because the material in the cold becomes more brittle and may crack.

When using the hatchet, and place your hand through the lace on the end of his toporishcha, in which case not to lose the axe or not run it in flight, if the handle slip from hands.


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