Manual mechanical grinder

Ручные механические кофемолки

Grinding coffee manually accept only true coffee lovers who want to do everything perfectly. Because a distinct advantage of manual mills and grinders in that they do not overheat and do not heat the coffee beans, which retain all their favor and aroma.

The manual coffee grinder

Design manual grinders are slightly different, however all of them are burrs, which rotates to grind the grain. One millstone is fixedly attached to the bottom of the stand, and the second rotates due to rotation of the handle.

Manual coffee grinders come in two types – Eastern and European. Eastern mechanical manual coffee grinders are cylindrical in shape and always made of metal. Stick them at the top and one part is removable, which houses the already ground coffee.

European coffee grinders resemble a wooden box, and the handle can be located at the top and the side. In them the capacity for ground coffee is very small.

How to choose manual coffee grinder?

Before buying a manual coffee grinders pay attention to the material of manufacture, especially of the Burr. Manual coffee grinder with ceramic millstones are quite fragile and may shatter if improperly used or fall. However, has the advantage the burrs never grind and keep the coffee taste just fine. Cast iron burrs are more durable, however, over time, give a metallic taste to the drink.

Another important point is the functionality of the grinder. And this is understood to include indicators such as adjust the consistency of grind, container capacity for ground coffee, bowl volume for grains.

If you prefer to grind the coffee before each preparation of the beverage, large capacity you will not need as large a bowl for the planting of grains. And if you want to grind a bit to stock, use this stock as quickly as possible, that coffee is not time to loose your delicious aroma.


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