Foldable travel Desk

Складной туристический стол

With the onset of spring begin a long-awaited picnic in the fresh air and outing on weekends in the nature of a large company. Make your vacation not only fun, but comfortable as well, care should be taken about where to place the tablecloth Samobranka with simple food. For ease of eating modern manufacturers offer foldable travel Desk, which will allow not to sit on the wet grass, and entertain in a civilized manner.

What produces folding travel tables?

The materials used for the production of furniture for rest on the nature are some:

  • plastic (polyvinyl chloride);
  • aluminum or duralumin;
  • tree;
  • metal.

Everyone understands that the lighter compact folding travel tables, so they are more convenient. Some models can not only be transported in the trunk of the car, but even to bear behind his back like a backpack – these include mainly plastic models or combined with aluminum alloy.

By the way, the combined models of tourist folding table which converts to a suitcase, more and more, but more recently the tables often had a mono-component composition. This combination of materials allows to produce folding furniture is light weight, making it more compact and resistant to shocks and weather conditions.

As before, the aluminum and its relative to the aluminum (more resistant to damage than aluminum) is used for manufacturing tables on nature. Most often the material is used for the transformation mechanism, for edging table tops and all sorts of fixings, when it comes to folding travel table with chairs. But the surface of the countertop can be of anything – MDF, plastic, wood.

Fully wooden folding travel table and chairs for it will be somewhat heavier than the combo, and will take up more space in the trunk of a car, as the mechanism of transformation does not allow to make it a compact suitcase. But it has the advantages such as environmental friendliness and a pleasant tactile sensation upon contact.

There are tables, worktop which is made entirely of wood, and those that are crashing the grid canvas. The second option is less preferable, since small objects like cups, forks and spoons will fall into the recesses between the slats, even if you cover the table with an oilcloth.

Typically, if the table legs and benches do not have the arc shape, and are pointed, they are provided at the ends of the plastic flaps that do not allow folding furniture to sink into the ground under the weight.

The mechanism of transformation

There are several options of folding tables for tourism. If not go with them the stools and benches, these tables have a loop mechanism whereby the table top folds in half. And the legs are bent under each of their parts. The result is a rather compact suitcase.

If folding tourist tol is integral with a bench or stools, the place he will take more, because he is transformed, leaning in half, but legs are not folded. This design is not too bulky, but big enough on the perimeter.

Some variants of folding tables suggest removing Складной туристический столthe legs from the special grooves under the top and they are transported separately, and the top does not add up, but not too much meta.

The same is true of folding travel table with parasol, which is very convenient both in Sunny and in rainy weather. In the middle of the table there is a special round hole the diameter of the rack. At the bottom it can be attached to the table and legs, and may have a separate weighted heel, which gives it stability. The whole structure is disassembled into the components – heel, stand and the umbrella, which can be tied on the roof rack of the car.


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