Tourist tent

Туристический шатер

Tourist tent will make your camping comfortable. With it you can escape from the scorching rays of the sun or sudden rain. The construction of the tent consists of a metal foldable frame and fabric stretched on it.

Benefits of tourist tent

Camping travel tent has several advantages, which include:

  • compact, easy to transport;
  • light weight;
  • low cost;
  • good protection against sun rays;
  • durability;
  • easy to install, Assembly and disassembly;
  • mobility;
  • creates a large area when unfolded.

How to choose a travel tent?

In order to properly pick up a tourist tent, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

  • destiny. Tourist tents and awnings involve the use of for different purposes. If you plan to exercise outdoors in a small company, you can tent. For larger trips, you will already need to buy a tent;
  • the size and weight. Tourist tent has a fairly small weight and size, what is its contrast to the overall garden tent. Optimal size for travel tent is considered to be 9 sq. m;
  • form. The tent may have a different number of faces. The simplest is the four-sided design. But more preferably would be to buy a versatile design with a rounded shape. It has a higher resistance to wind;
  • frame tubes. The most reliable option would be pipes made of metal. Advantage is their treatment of enamel paint. Also metal needs to be made, and fixation elements.
  • fabric. A required property of a fabric which take in the tourist tent, is a water-repellent coating, which will protect in case of rain. Also the fabric should have good breathability. As a rule, for the manufacture of tent uses polyester or nylon. It is recommended to opt for products made of polyester, as they are more reliable and durable. They are resistant to sunlight and do not stretch when wet, unlike nylon;
  • the presence of a floor. Most touring tents are installed directly on the ground and do not have an in floor construction. The presence of DNA will be an added advantage, as it will serve as protection from dirt and wet grass.

Additional comfort creates tourist tent with mosquito netting. In it you will be provided with fresh air, but at the same time you will be protected from insects.

Kinds of tourist tents and awnings

There are varieties of tourist tents and awnings depending on their functional purpose:

  • Folding awning. Fixed on a rectangular frame and has no walls. Is light and compact. Ideal for small picnics.
  • The tent is a gazebo. Unlike awning is in the presence of partitions, Туристический шатерwhich can be arranged in different variations. Thus, it is possible to construct as a light summer pavilion, and a full house, capable of protecting from rain and wind.
  • The tent-pavilion. In the unfolded form occupies a large area. Its purpose is the application for special events.
  • Depending on the purpose for which you want to purchase a travel tent or awning, you can choose the most suitable characteristics.


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