Very scanty periods — causes

Очень скудные месячные - причиныWith the phenomenon of a very meager monthly girls face often, but the reasons for this features are not known to all the fair sex. Consider the most common of the factors causing the low volume of discharge.

What month should be the norm?

Before talking about why menstruation can be very scarce, we will note, what they should be in norm. So, if menstruation:

  • painless;
  • have a duration of 3-5 days;
  • the interval between the discharge of 21-35 days;
  • volume not exceeding 150 ml; female reproductive system functioning well.

What monthly can be low volume?

In the first place doctors should set: primary nature of this phenomenon or secondary, i.e. periods have always been scant or change of their number happened suddenly.

In primary hypomenorrhea (a small amount monthly from the beginning of menstruation) doctors say about the peculiarities of the female reproductive system, or congenital abnormalities. It is also worth noting that most often the primary hypomenorrhea experienced by girls with low birth weight.

Often, however, the reason is very meager monthly brown is in the secondary form of abuse that in turn can be caused by:

  • violation of ovarian function (inflammation, infection);
  • diseases of the reproductive system (endometriosis, fibroids, cervical);
  • Очень скудные месячные - причиныgenetic predisposition;
  • disruption of the hormonal system.

It is separately necessary to tell about the influence of psychological factors on the reproductive system. So, it is established that negative emotions and experiences affect the brain centers that stimulate the ovaries. The result is a decreased production of progesterone, and as a result — poor selection.

Thus, in order to determine exactly why girls go very lean period, it is necessary to seek medical advice.


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