What should a child in 4 months?

Что должен делать ребенок в 4 месяца?Modern moms pay much attention to the development of kids. And though we know that all toddlers grow at their own pace, but still there are some indicators that you should focus all caring parents. So, many will be interested to know, what are the characteristics of child development in 4 months, that should be able to breastfed baby at this age. Such information will help the mommy observation at the progress of their child.

Basic skills a baby 4 months

For the first few months parents have time to get involved in a new rhythm of life, everyday life becomes more planned, and the young mother already knows how to organize your day. Even this little tot has already mastered a number of skills that can be considered his first achievements. It’s worth checking out, what should the child in 4 months:

  • the baby, lying on back, raises head and shoulders, as if trying to sit;
  • children are repulsed legs, lying on his stomach, as if trying to crawl;
  • by this age, the toddler turns back and back;
  • the baby gets to know people, which often sees, especially allocates all of mom;
  • begins to pronounce some sounds;
  • interested in their body, for example, is considering, or even pulls in mouth hands;
  • captures the interest of his hanging toy;
  • close in votes, distinguishes them from strangers;
  • responds to the name.

The kid is already experiencing fear, hurt, joy, surprise. He is already able to establish some causal connection. So, when the baby sees the mother’s breast, he eagerly anticipates that it will begin to feed.

4 month old baby knowingly smiles, laughs, and at the sight of loved ones shows the revitalizing complex (happy, actively move her arms and legs).

What should be alerted?

Given that all babies are individual, it is quite normal if the baby will acquire some skills later period. But in some cases it is better to consult a doctor. This is necessary if the mother notices that the child in 4 months don’t do the following:

  • does not show emotions towards other people;
  • captures subjects;
  • Что должен делать ребенок в 4 месяца?not turned over on his stomach, lying on the back;
  • if you pull the handles the baby, lying on his back, his head tilted back.

Some moms are interested in what you can do with a premature baby in 4 months, since the development of these kids is different. It all depends on the term in which the child was born, his weight and height at birth. The toddler will fall short of the standards and parents should not worry about this, but if moms have questions and concerns, it is better to consult a doctor.


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