Review of the book «School of arts» — Triggs Teal’c and Daniel frost

How to instill in your child a love for creativity? To teach him how to see beauty and harmony in the outside world? To develop creative thinking and push to create something new?

A book that will help the child to understand and love the art

Professor of the Royal College of art Teal Triggs knows the answers to these questions. In his book «School of arts» it is exciting talks about the basics of design and drawing, and offers many practical exercises.

Who is this book for?

The book is designed for children from eight to twelve years who are yet unfamiliar with the basic concepts of fine art. Especially for those who wants to become an artist or designer.

Great helper for parents who want to teach your children to creative activities and to broaden his horizons.

Unusual Professor

On the first page the child gets to know the funny characters — the teachers of the School of arts. The names of the professors speak: the Foundation, Imagination, Impression, Technology and the World.

Обзор книги «Школа искусств» - Тил Триггс и Дэниел Фрост

By the end of the book, these teachers will explain the theory and give homework. No boring classes, which want to quickly escape! Only fun and clear explanations, exciting experiments and creative exercises.

What they teach you at art School?

The book is divided into three parts. From the first, «Basic elements of art and design» — a child learns about points and lines, plane and solid shapes, hatching and patterns, the rules of combination of different colors, the image static and moving objects.

Обзор книги «Школа искусств» - Тил Триггс и Дэниел Фрост

The second — «the Basic principles of art and design» — will explain concepts such as composition, perspective, proportion, symmetry and balance.

The third «Design and creativity outside the School of arts» Professor will tell how creativity is helping to change the world, and learn to apply this knowledge in practice.

The trimesters are divided into small lessons in the book 40. Each lesson focuses on a particular topic.


Lessons include not only theory, but practical and entertaining job understood the material.

Обзор книги «Школа искусств» - Тил Триггс и Дэниел Фрост

Why not just invented Professor-visionaries for their students! Doing exercises, the child will be trained in creating three-dimensional figures on paper alone will do the color wheel, will depict the silhouette of his friend, will comprise different compositions from the buttons, get acquainted with the works of Andy Warhol, make art object from plastic bags, and most importantly — spend time with fun and benefit.

Some more creative tasks from the book that you can perform right now:

  • Look for the house of unwanted items and make them something new. For example, create a mosaic of bottle caps or a collage of pictures cut from old magazines.
  • Tell a friend a story in pictures. For example, about the water: why water is our treasure and how to reduce water consumption. Carefully work out the beginning, middle and end of the comic.
  • Draw a site plan and pave the route from home to school. Identify on the plan the objects that are associated with certain sounds, smells (for example, a bakery) or unusual appearance. What sensations cause these objects?

Stylish illustrations

This book has all the chances to interest even the most restless child. Because the lessons in it is like a game that you never want to stop. This creates a creative atmosphere not only an exciting job but also striking illustrations, including humorous characters.

Обзор книги «Школа искусств» - Тил Триггс и Дэниел Фрост

Drawings by British artist Daniel frost, co-author of the book, pleasing to the eye and uplifting, and clearly demonstrate the material described, and help you better understand the topic.

In conclusion — a few words on the professors of the School of arts: «You may think that art School is like regular school. But it is not so! Our lessons are different than you had been before. They are filled with creative energy, so we gather students from all over the world. We like to experiment and take risks — to do what we did before. And we want you to join us! Learn, create, invent, try!»


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