Embryo implantation – the feeling

Имплантация эмбриона – ощущенияFrom the beginning, the birth of a new life in a woman’s body is constantly undergoing major changes. Meanwhile, not all of them expectant mother can feel. In particular, the process of fertilization occurs completely unnoticed, and she can only guess that very soon, it will be a happy motherhood.

But the next important stage is implantation of the embryo, or the fertilized egg attaching to the walls of the uterus, usually accompanied by characteristic features, which allow the expectant mother to understand what was happening to her. In this article we will tell you what sensations a woman experiences during implantation of the embryo in the uterus, and there can be a change in her behavior and well-being in this period.

The signs and sensations during implantation of the embryo

Typically, the attachment of the egg, fertilized by a sperm, to the walls of the future «store» is accompanied by the following symptoms and sensations:

  • slight tingling in the Breasts;
  • dragging pain in the lower abdomen;
  • slight nausea and a feeling of metal taste in the mouth. For this reason, a woman who does not expect pregnancy, may make their fortune in the poisoning;
  • the increase in body temperature to subfebrile values and, as a result, a light fever and malaise;
  • dizziness;
  • resentment against all others, excessive excitability, nervousness, irritability and even aggressiveness. These symptoms are sometimes confused with symptoms of PMS.

In addition to very unpleasant sensations, when the implantation of the embryo usually you may notice scant vaginal discharge pinkish or light brown in color. These signs are perfectly normal for this age, and they should not be frightened. Although, if the woman is not planning a pregnancy, they certainly can catch her by surprise.

It is worth noting the sensations of the woman during embryo implantation after IVF. Имплантация эмбриона – ощущенияWith artificial insemination directly attaching one or more egg cells to the uterus occurs within 2 weeks after infusion, and usually this happens quite late, because the embryo needs time to adapt to the womb of the mother.

Typically, the implantation process in this case is not accompanied by any specific feelings, and doctors can determine that the embryo is «caught» only through ultrasound examination. All the hallmarks of «interesting» provisions appear to such women the vast majority of cases, after successful attachment and only in normal development of pregnancy.


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