Why not to have sex after childbirth?

Почему нельзя заниматься сексом после родов?Sex plays an important role in the couple’s relationship, but sometimes families have to make restrictions in this area of your life for one reason or another.

For example, doctors warn women about the need to withdraw from sexual intercourse in the postpartum period. Many are interested, why not to have sex after giving birth. That is a good point to figure out what is the reason for such a ban and how long should I refrain from intimacy.

Why you should refuse to have sex after childbirth?

In the postpartum period, the uterus and its neck, as well as the entire body undergoes the recovery phase. If you have injuries, stitches, including during cesarean section, it requires healing. The uterus is cleared, which is accompanied by secretions. At this time the young mother lowered immunity, any infection can get into not recovered reproductive tract and cause inflammation, and sex in injuries of the vagina may cause bleeding.

After the birth of the baby can change the sensitivity of the vagina resulting in pain during intercourse, but after a while the discomfort disappear. All these circumstances explain why, after childbirth can not have sex a month or even more.

When can I start sexual life after the baby is born?

The question of the timing of the restoration of intimacy individual. Doctors usually advise to refuse sex in an average 6 weeks but it may vary in each case. It all depends on the specifics of labor activity, the health status of young mothers.

Here are the approximate dates when the couple can try the first sex after the baby is born:

  • if the woman did not have injuries during natural childbirth (EP) – about 6 weeks, sometimes doctors allow before;
  • if the mother gave birth herself, but she superimposed seams, the doctor may recommend the rejection of sexuality to 8-12 weeks.
  • in case of serious damage during the EP, as well as after caesarean section, this period increases to 3-4 months.

The doctor may not only explain in detail the reasons of this prohibition, but also tell you which alternatives to the traditional sex are permissible at this stage.


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