Mixture without palm oil – the list

Смеси без пальмового масла – списокWhen unable to feed her newborn baby breast milk, each loving and caring mother, seeks to find the best infant formula that will not harm the health of the crumbs. Most such breast-milk substitutes contain palm oil.

The feasibility of adding this component is the subject of many disputes between doctors and young parents, as the presence of palm oil significantly reduces the absorption of calcium baby. In addition, the results of some clinical trials, the inclusion of palm oil in the composition of infant formula increases the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Finally, in some cases, the mother will notice that baby food contain this ingredient causes stomach pain and intestinal cramping, thus causing the child a lot of inconvenience. In this article we will tell you what mix for babies are produced without palm oil, and here is a list of products that will not harm the child’s body.

The list of mixtures without palm oil

The most popular mixture, which did not add palm oil, is a range of «Similac», manufactured by the Danish company Abbott Laboratories. Among the products of this brand every young mother will be able to easily pick up baby food that is right for her and her baby.

The specialists of Abbott Laboratories to develop a substitute for breast milk «Similac» for kids from birth to age three and, in addition, take into account the special needs of some newborn babies. Although the list of these products without palm oil and does not include fermented milk mixture, if necessary, it is successfully replaced by a mixture of «Similac Comfort».

If the crumbs are born with lactase deficiency is noted, it is likely suitable lactose-free product «Similac Isomil». Finally, specifically for children with a tendency to the manifestation of allergic reactions developed our line of products «Similac Hypoallergenic».

Meanwhile, Abbott Laboratories is not the only company in the list of products which are hypoallergenic formulas without palm oil. So, for kids with this problem, you can choose other breast-milk substitutes, for example:

  • «Nutricia neocate the LCP» — for babies from the first days of life;
  • «Nutricia of Neocate advance» — for boys and girls, ranging from 12 months;
  • Смеси без пальмового масла – список«Allergy Alfare Nestle» or «Nestle Amino» — a therapeutic mixture used for feeding infants of any age by medical personnel.

The company «Nutricia» also cares about the health of children with special needs. In addition to hypoallergenic products line of this brand includes lactose-free formula without palm oil, such as «Nutricia Nutrizon» or «Nutricia Lactose Almiron».

Finally, popular with young parents is a mixture of «Nannie» without palm oil, produced on the basis of goat milk, as well as «Mamex Infant Formula Plus» – another product, which does not include this harmful component.


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