Whether children are baptized during lent?

Крестят ли детей в Великий Пост?The baptism of a newborn child is a very important sacrament in the life of every young family. Although in some cases moms and dads prefer to postpone this issue until that moment when their offspring grow up and be able to determine whether he wants to be baptized and what faith they would confess, most parents decide to baptize the baby in the first year of his life.

Because the rite of baptism the child is quite serious, it needs to prepare in advance. So, mom and dad will have to choose which Church and what day will the mystery of who will play the role of godparents, as well as to prepare the necessary attribute.

Choosing a Church to hold the ceremony by the family members of the baby may ask what days you can baptize the child and, in particular, do this during Lent.

Is it permissible for the child’s baptism during lent?

In Orthodoxy there are no prohibitions and restrictions on the holding of the sacrament of baptism the child or adult. Because the Lord God is always glad to give spiritual life to his newfound slave, the rite, if desired, parents can be held absolutely in any day – weekday, weekend or holiday. In particular, the sacrament of baptism is carried out and during the whole period of Lent including palm Sunday and the Annunciation.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that in every charitable institution there is a special order, so during the preparation to the sacrament, the godfather or biological parents of the baby need to be clarified, whether baptized children in lent, in this particular Church or temple.

When to hold the baptism?

Of course, each family needs to decide when it is better to conduct the baptism of his child. Meanwhile, there are special recommendations of the Orthodox Church on this matter. Крестят ли детей в Великий Пост?So, if the child is healthy, it can be baptize after 8 days from birth. If the baby was born prematurely or weak, and if for any reason there is a threat to his life, it must be done as soon as possible, almost immediately after the appearance of the crumbs into the light.

In addition, you should consider that a woman who recently experienced the joy of motherhood, within 40 days after this happy event is considered «unclean», so to enter the Church she can’t. If the sacrament of baptism is held until that time and in the conditions of an Orthodox Church, a young mother will not be able to participate in the christening of their baby.


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