Milk formula without palm oil — the list

Молочная смесь без пальмового масла - списокBreastfeeding greatly simplifies the life of a young mother. After all, she doesn’t need by trial and error to find the formula and worry about the dangers of palm oil, whose presence in the product unscrupulous manufacturers try to hide.

What is so harmful this component, is it a real threat to the health of the baby, and why more moms prefer baby food that does not contain oil of the oil palm fruit.

Milk formula for newborns without palm oil

Discussions about the dangers of palm oil did not cease, but despite all the convincing arguments of the scientists, the producers are sticking to cheap raw materials. Indeed, the list of children of adapted milk formulas without palm oil more than modest, and the price of such products isn’t accessible to all. To date, the positive reviews have proven:

  • «Similac». This mixture developed in Denmark, and in its composition contains elements that stimulate digestion and ensure proper development.
  • «Nannie». Another milk formula without palm oil, which is suitable for feeding babies from birth. It is based on goat’s milk due to Allergy-free product function. Brought the product from New Zealand.
  • «Nutrilon». The mixture produced in the Netherlands, contains prebiotics, stimulating the natural immune system.
  • «Heinz». This baby food developed in the United States. Its composition rich in elements that promote digestion.
  • «Cabrida». Also available in the Netherlands, a mixture rich in omega-acid and bifidobacteria.
  • «Nestogen». The Swiss baby food that contains prebiotics that improve digestion.
  • Молочная смесь без пальмового масла - список«Memex». Adapted milk formula for babies from birth to one year. Contains substances that promote the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora. Fits babies suffering from dysbacteriosis, intestinal disorders and constipation, colic, flatulence.
  • However, it should be noted that «Nutrilon», «Heinz» and «Cabrito» appear in the list of infant formula for babies without palm oil is very conditional. Because there is beta-palmitate is a kind of palm oil, but with an artificially improved formula, where hexadecanoate acid is the same as breast milk.


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