American Comedy about teenagers

Американские комедии про подростковCinema the United States annually produces a huge number of movies, most of which is the Comedy genre. Someone likes these movies, some don’t, but they do not leave indifferent almost anybody. Especially popular among movies, Comedy stories about teenagers.

It is young men and girls enrolled in high school or College, most often protagonists of the American teen comedies. After all, to observe how young people trying to build their first love relationship, save a friendship and to begin an adult life is always interesting.

In this article we offer you a list of the best American comedies about teenagers that will allow you to enjoy a free evening with friends or family.

The best American movies-Comedy about teenagers

In order to observe the life of American teenagers and laugh heartily, arrange a viewing of one of the following films:

  • «Excellent student of easy virtue», 2010. The main character of this film – a young girl olive is involved in an extremely delicate situation. Someone started a rumor that she lost her virginity in a school with a puritanical mores. Meanwhile, she easily finds the strength to turn the shame into dignity and are becoming extremely popular among their peers.
  • «Shorty», 2012. The history of adolescent girls, who suddenly loses his little brother and all night on Halloween is engaged in his quest. And helps her in this young man in whom she is extremely much in love.
  • «Last call», 2012. This interesting and instructive Comedy tells the story of how three teenage friends, due to circumstances, are temporarily unable to fulfill adult responsibilities – to manage the pub. The guys are real slackers and notorious bullies, so they try to profit from matters assigned to them by any means possible, for example, turning the pub into a strip bar or organize it in an illegal club that sells alcoholic beverages to children and adolescents.
  • «Mykol Jackson», 2014. The parents of the main character of this film go on a long journey. The teenager immediately invites them to his house the familiar girl and plans to «break away» in full. Imagine his surprise and discontent, when, instead of a girlfriend’s company to make him a younger brother – an ardent admirer of Michael Jackson and an elderly grandfather.
  • Wanted, 2015. The main character of this picture – sixteen-year-old Megan is an extremely strong girl with super-powers. She is an excellent karate, always shoots without a miss and can easily neutralize armed man of any age.
  • Despite this, young lady is dreaming at least temporarily to live like an ordinary American teenager, going to school, hanging out with friends, and attending entertainment events. Life offers her that opportunity, but Megan is shocked – she didn’t expect in a normal American school can be even more dangerous than on a special mission.

    Furthermore, noteworthy are other American Comedy about love, school and adolescents, listed in the following list:

    • Американские комедии про подростков«Parental outrage», 2012;
    • «Nuba», 2012;
    • «The first time», 2012;
    • «Twenty-one, and more», 2013;
    • «Playing doctor», 2014;
    • «Malek 3: Learn to fly», 2014;
    • «Plain», 2015;
    • «Lethal orgasm», 2015;
    • «Monsterville», 2015.


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