The influence of music on child development

Music lessons great impact not only on adults but also on children. The brain interprets the rhythm of the melody, and the child begins to move beneath her, clapping, tapping, circling.

 Влияние музыкального творчества на развитие ребенка

In three or four years old child can play music just to listen. In addition, it can be fun to perform a variety of movement and healthy exercise. For example, morning exercises. During this time the parents may notice the baby’s special attention and interest in music. Little man happy to listen to my mother’s gentle bedtime songs and trying to sing.

At this stage you can determine the child’s predetermination to musical creativity. Many children love to dance and sing, and not only at home but in the mornings and away. Thus, public speaking will help the child overcome the fear of music from embarrassment.

If mom and dad saw the interest in music in your child, it is very important to maintain this interest. However, it happens so that the child has good music, but he doesn’t want to do music. If this happens, you should not force the child to play a musical instrument and attend a music school. Time will pass and he’ll find his, which he would really like. Any type of art affects the senses and emotions of the child. Music classes give kids more ideas and knowledge about the environment, but also affect the perception.

It is proven that classical music has a relaxing and calming effect. It helps to relax, calm down and relieve stress. A quiet and timid kid must enable the mobile music at a moderate pace. This will allow the child to become more active. While children moving and energetic ought to do the opposite — to turn on good music having a slow tempo.

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