The child did well in school: tips

We all want our children studied well at school, but sometimes, when all our efforts do not. What is the matter?

Чтобы ребёнок хорошо учился: советы

It should not be forgotten that during the transition of the child from kindergarten to school is not to avoid the adjustment period. Time period such period may be different, depending on the individual characteristics of the child. It is impossible to demand from the first school days of unprecedented success. The child is still, so to speak, looks around, gets used to the new environment, the children’s team, met with the first teacher.

If the kindergarten classes are still being built mostly in the form of a game, the school has greater responsibility and autonomy. No need to scold the child if he has something does not work, thus you can completely discourage the desire and the desire to learn, in this matter nothing should be under duress. A first grader, of course, should strive to ensure that everything worked, but not without nervousness, remarks: «My mom will kill me if I don’t succeed!» — should not be. Anything to instill in the child an aversion to learning, not to intimidate him, thus you will not achieve any success.

Show genuine interest in the educational process of your child, find some free time, sit at the lessons with him, rejoice in the little victories, not too blame for the failure. Much learning depends on how the rest of the relationship the child has with the teacher and the children in the class. Teach the child to respect the teacher, but not operate on unquestioning authority. The child must have an opinion anyway.

It is impossible to discuss a teacher at home with the baby, even if you’re dissatisfied with something, you can be sure that all this will be brought to class, and your negativity towards the teacher will adopt the child and other children. If you have any misunderstandings it is better to go to the school Director, than to sit at home and wash the bones of the unwanted teacher.

Teach your child not to laugh at the mistakes classmates, enjoy their successes and always come to the rescue. Make a conversation on the topic of «friendship», explain what should be real friends, how to behave and how not. Teach your child how sincerity before you and before other people tell him he can always come to you with any problem, you always listen and help in its solution.

Do your homework during the day, it is not necessary to wait for the late evening. If the beginning of classes from 8-9 a.m., then sleep need to meet no later than 9 PM so as not to doze off during lessons. Organize child a comfortable work space for homework, from the first day accustom it to neatness and order, not clean out for him and collect the briefcase. It’s not yours, but his duty.

Explain that the school is serious business, but don’t intimidate the child by the phrases: «Will do poorly in school, getting a job as a janitor!», anything positive they will bring. Your sincere interest and its willingness to help — the main criterion of success. After all, what are seeds and seedlings, ancient wisdom, relevant today.

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