Make a simple poster for the Day of aviation and cosmonautics

April 12, 1961 man first flew into space. It was the Russian Soviet test pilot Yuri Gagarin. In memory of this achievement of mankind on April 12 annually celebrates the Day of aviation and cosmonautics. Students of Junior and senior classes are preparing posters for the day of cosmonautics. How to make a simple and informative poster?

Делаем простой плакат ко Дню авиации и космонавтики

You will need

  • — sheet of paper-3
  • — acrylic paint: red, white, blue, black, green
  • — a sponge
  • clip
  • — a piece of plastic or glass (palette)
  • — paint brushes
  • pencil simple
  • — eraser
  • — ballpoint pen
  • table lamp
  • — glass (or tracing paper)
  • white paper A-4 format
  • a — line


1. Choose a picture, for example, an astronaut in outer space. This picture should be copied. This can be done in three ways: to print, to copy using the tracing paper and redraw with the help of simple devices, colloquially known as telescopes. For the manufacture of this device on the floor, put a Desk lamp, put two stools on both sides of the lamp on the stool put the glass, the picture will be redrawn, on top of a sheet of paper And-4, turn on the lamp and transfer the pattern using a pencil. When the drawing is ready, turn the sheet upside down and zastrahovan tight pencil the whole picture. Turn over, lay on sheet of format A-3 on the place where by design will be located in this figure. With a little pressure draws the picture with a ballpoint pen. From the bottom of the pencil denote the contour part of the globe.

2. On the free side of the sheet with a ruler is a simple gentle pressure of the pencil drawn line. Here will be text about this: «In the history of the development of the Earth inscribed with the names of many pioneers, some of which went beyond the earth’s gravity into space. Space exploration — the most dangerous, but the space exploration expands our understanding of the Universe. The first space flight made by Russian Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. 12 April 1961 on Board the spaceship «Vostok-1″ he went into space. Gagarin made one revolution around the Earth and made a soft landing for the descent module. In memory of the first man’s flight into space, all mankind is annually celebrates on April 12 day of cosmonautics and aviation.»

3. Now let’s give what we got. Mix black and blue paint and using a pin sandwiched sponge inflict
jerky motions down the paint over the entire surface of the sheet, avoiding the area with the text fragment of the planet and the contour of the astronaut.

4. Suit paint with dry brushes blue and dark blue paint (mix in different proportions of blue and white paint), porisuem details the mixture of red and white paint. Highlight with white paint lit by the sun. A fragment of the Earth paint, brushstrokes at the same time causing the foam sponge paint blue, blue, white and green colors. Coloring the frequent movements from top to bottom.
Acrylic paint dries quickly, wait a couple of minutes. With the eraser delete the auxiliary lines under the text.
All our poster for the Day of aviation and cosmonautics ready. The child can therefore easily.

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