How to pin on clothes painting, made by markers, permanent markers

I want to share my way without a thermal printing you can pin pictures, drawn by hand with markers, permanent markers, pen, wax crayons. It all started when one day I decided to portray Mike crane from the fairy tale «the Crane and the Fox»…

Как закрепить на одежде роспись, сделанную фломастерами, перманентными маркерами

You will need

  • 1. Thick felt-tip pens and permanent markers
  • 2. Thin marker Centropen
  • 3. Transparent silicone sealant CJSC «Petrochem»


1. So, print the outlines of the desired pattern and move with the lamp pattern on the fabric with a pencil.

2. Puts the clothes inside the cardboard, to avoid soiling the rear part, and coloring the drawing with thick markers type permanent markers (Flagman Tukzar) and conventional marker-textolites — so much more comfortable, the fabric won’t stretch, easier to apply. Tracing the drawing with a permanent black marker CD Centropen.

3. Now take transparent silicone sealant which is sold in hardware stores in small tubes of 40 grams, and evenly add to the image, going a quarter of an inch and over the edge of the picture to better protect the image from water.
Special attention should be paid to the fact that the sealant composition consists only of acetoxysilane, ZAO «Petrokhim», St. Petersburg (mark Novbythim).

4. Until the sealant is dry but not dried fully after about fifteen minutes somewhere — fix iron for better penetration into the fabric for smoothness and silicone coatings. Put in the maximum mode, the iron and ironed through a thin paper (like tracing paper) for five minutes, not forgetting to put a shirt cardboard or newspaper, so they absorbed waste heat and the coating does not burst.

5. The picture on the shirt is ready — now it can be wet, be washed and ironed without the risk that the image will harden, crack, come off or be erased!
Here is a picture after washing, the edges blurred, as it was necessary around the edges to put half an inch of the sealant for more protection and also due to the fact that the blue and brown markers gave too much paint.

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