Loneliness for extroverts and introverts

For some, the loneliness is terrible. Some people are able to feel a sense of panic fear of loneliness. But there are those of us for whom the feeling of loneliness even quite comfortable and familiar and no fear is.

Одинокая женщина

Psychologists divide people into extroverts and introverts. Extroverts — outgoing people who prefer to reside in someone’s society. The only way they can completely forget about loneliness.

The introvert is the opposite, withdrawn people who prefer to stay most of my time alone in their own comfortable world. For these people, loneliness is more a feeling of security than vulnerability.

All people are individuals born with, primarily, so the quality of the introvert and extrovert in us are sometimes mixed. Sometimes such qualities are acquired over the life and range from state of the introvert to the extrovert condition with variable frequency.

If you are a very sociable and positive person, but sometimes feel uncomfortable, even when surrounded by people, you should think about its internal state. Even extroverts sometimes tired of their busy socializing lifestyle. Then you can resort to fasting days when you want to be alone with yourself and your thoughts.

Once a week, for example, afford a good rest. No need for this day someone to meet and talk. You should not listen to other people’s problems and understand the negative news. Try to fall out of their normal cycle of things. After all, the rest need not only our body, but still need to unload their psyche to not feel in such moments of discomfort.

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