How to find a mistress

Family relationships are not always perfect, which is why many men wonder how to find a mistress? Where to meet a woman who will share interest in sex, experiments and intimate communication, but will not qualify for anything more. To find the right person, you need to understand the psychology of women and peculiarities of communication.

Как найти любовницу


1. Women like sex less than men, but they appreciate it much lower. For ladies it is more important the communication, attention and care than physical abilities, appearance or disposition to the embodiment of the fantasies of men. Ladies want romance, care, and understanding. That is why they are also looking for someone who is ready to give them. So mistress can become not only a free girl, but a married woman.

2. The demands of women. Each of the fairer sex has its own requirements that it imposes on the man. Easy to converse with a lady who is waiting for financial support. They’re not prostitutes, but ladies who lack funds for desired life. For a ring, boots or other things she will grant wishes. But such relationships are rarely feelings. Such unions tend young girls who are looking for a comfortable life at the expense of others. Older women tend to expect the attention, admiration, they are able to find yourself with a man who knows how to listen and compliment.

3. How to find one? A woman who is interested in man’s attention, stands out in the crowd. If she «catches» the gaze of men, trying to find the answer. To give her can just search in the eyes or dumb question, addressed to persons of the opposite sex. These ladies often, they are easy to find in bars, restaurants. A more refined person choose the expensive presentations, art galleries. Any girl is easy on the dialogue, but only with that man, which, in its view, corresponds to its level. This variant is simple to implement, but requires to play the role of a successful man.

4. Bored girls get acquainted and in other places. For example, in the gym there’s always a lot of women of all ages. And then to come much easier, because there are common topics for conversation. Seduce charming «crumpet» is not too difficult, if you start to do the compliments. Are especially flattering on women over 40, they rarely have enough attention of the opposite sex, so they believe even inept compliments.

5. How to find a lover in the simplest way? For this approach the Internet. On any Dating site there are thousands of women who miss alone. But it is important to understand that most looking for a husband, not just entertainment. It is desirable to speak the truth about the presence of the wife that the lady did not have high hopes. And again, the nicer the girl, the more her fans and ssaci, less likely to get her anywhere in the relationship.

6. Find a mistress in the company of friends. My wife’s friend, friend of her friends is a great options. And start flirting in a mild form in front of his wife, explaining to her what I found out — will she be jealous. Well, if the new girl is interested, she will always be able to invite for a Cup of coffee.

7. Arranging the relationship in secret from his wife, it is important to properly organize everything: from the first day you need to make it clear to the mistress that it is not necessary to wait for something more. Unreasonable expectations often lead to disaster, angry, she might talk to his wife or blackmail. Better to set all the points. Although direct communication often reduces the number of contenders for the role of sexual toys, but it protects you from further problems.

8. Mistress does not need to show friends or put in the place where you can see. Again, easier if she understands, you don’t need to come up with excuses and empty promises. The less people will know about your connection, the better. But it is important to compensate for the absence of something other things. It would be appropriate to give the lover flowers, gifts and pamper high-quality orgasm and other pleasant moments. A girl should understand why she needs you, and that «people feast» is a great solution.

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