How to have sex during menstruation

Sex during menstruation exist, these days they can do, but it is important to follow a few simple rules to happening was enjoyable, safe and sensual. Today there are special tools that make the process easier, as well as folk ways «not to get dirty».

Как заниматься сексом во время месячных


1. During menstruation a small amount of blood: 60-250 ml daily volume not exceeding 50 ml, therefore, do not be afraid of «drowning» in secretions. Of course, there are days with active allocations, and there are times when the process is not too intense. Sex during menstruation perfect first and last days when the blood is not enough. During these periods, enough to take a shower before sex, and then proximity will not be much different from other days. Of course, on the bed you can put towels to avoid staining the sheets, or use linen, which then can go in the wash.

2. How to have sex during menstruation with active hemorrhage? Then you should go to the shower. Under water, the process will be no less exciting and will not appear the fear to get dirty. But it is important to practice it under running water and not in the bathroom. Warming procedures the lady at this time is contraindicated, and the ingress of water will not benefit.

3. Alternative affection also relevant during menstruation. You can try anal sex or oral pleasure. Excitation via the fingers in an intimate area easily replace other touch. The rejection of vaginal sex at this time able to push the pair to something new. By the way, cunnilingus you can do even at this time, if a girl uses tampons, the man will not feel the taste of blood in the caresses of the clitoris. Swab completely blocks the blood.

4. Special caps are created to have sex during menstruation. They block the bleeding for a while, allowing you to experiment with any kinds of sex. For example, Flex is a device in the form of a ring with a thin diaphragm, which is placed inside the woman. When it is applied does not contact the blood and a member of the men. Yeah he doesn’t even know that the lady critical days. And this thing is absolutely imperceptible for the woman. Such a thing is not a contraceptive, but removes the disgust proximity during bleeding.

5. Female condoms provide an opportunity to have sex during critical days. They are quite large and prevent the contact of the male member and secretions. Of course, put into the vagina this thing needs before a sexual act in advance to put on it. And to delay the process is also not recommended, blood may begin to flow on the outer wall of the device.

6. How to have sex during menstruation without any adaptations? Choose postures where the woman lies on her back. Then the amount of blood will be less. You should avoid the position of a rider, if there is much fear of getting dirty. But to avoid confusion, you can always turn off the lights, and then together to go to the bathroom.

7. Sex during menstruation can relieve pain spasms. It helps to relax, and sometimes accelerates the process of blood loss. As a result, the menstruation is more abundant, but short. Doctors are not forbidden to have fun during these periods, but it is important to remember cleanliness. And monthly is not a guarantee that a woman will not get pregnant. It is therefore not necessary to abandon the use of contraceptives.

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