How to disable automatic update in Windows 10

The latest build system from Microsoft is different from versions 7, 8 and 8.1 will become more Autonomous. Some operations are now in automatic mode. Therefore, users increasingly concerned about how to disable update of Windows 10 on your PC.

как отключить обновление windows 10

With the release of a new version of Windows users have faced with the fact that they have disappeared the ability to customize the upgrade the system manually. The OS automatically starts this process while scanning, downloading required files and installing them without the right to postpone the installation. So all who already use the operating system, are forced to think, how to disable Windows 10 update, so as not to create unnecessary load on the traffic and not sit in anticipation in front of the monitor because of the title «configure updates» and «turn off computer».

Timely upgrade makes the system more efficient. The developers regularly fix dozens of bugs that interfere with the normal operation of programs and applications. And if the user forgets to periodically update the OS, you risk facing some system error. However, in earlier builds of Windows after these updates appear and also sudden problems. This fact only confirms the desire of users to protect themselves and upload it on the computer already tested and reliable update.

как отключить обновление windows 10

Turn off automatic updates of Windows 10 via the update Center. To do this with hotkeys Win + R on your keyboard open the Run dialog box. Position in field services.msc, and then click OK or press Enter. Among the elements of the local services, open the «Windows update» by double-clicking on it with the left mouse button. This opens the «Properties» panel. In the drop-down list of «startup Type» select the appropriate item (delayed, manual or disabled), and in the column status, click Stop, then Apply and OK.

The second option Upgrades to Windows 10 occurs through the section «Upgrading and security» in the menu «start» — «Settings». Open the tab «updates and security» and go to «advanced settings». Here you can choose how to install the upgrade. In the drop-down list find the option «Notify about scheduling restart», uncheck the updates for other Microsoft programs and check the box next to «Defer updates». Also click on the heading «Choose how and when to receive updates» and drag the slider to «Off».

как отключить обновление windows 10

Disable Windows update 10, you can also through a ban on downloading the boot files when you connect to your wireless network. To do this, go to menu «start» — «Settings» — «Network and Internet». Tab Wi-Fi go to «advanced settings» and under the heading Metered connection, drag the slider to «on.»

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