When blooms alder

Alder is a tree that blooms one of the first after a long winter in Russia. In the fields and in the woods has not melted the snow, and on the alder can already see the first large inflorescences-catkins with yellow pollen.

Когда цветет ольха

When in bloom the alder in Moscow and other regions of Russia

Moscow belongs to the Central part of Russia, so the first blooming inflorescences are catkins on the alder in the area and surrounding regions can be seen already in early April (but only if the weather is pleasant with warm Sunny days). If the spring is cold enough, flowering alder comes a little later: in the middle or even the end of April.

In the more Northern regions of Russia (Leningrad, Vologda, Arkhangelsk and other areas) alder flowering begins in late April-early may. In southern regions, spring comes earlier, and therefore the alder starts to bloom a little earlier. For example, in the Kuban the first buds on the alder can be seen already at the end of February, in the suburbs of Rostov-on-don, Russia — in early March.

It should be noted that the above approximate timing of flowering, and from year to year, the flowering of these trees can occur at a later or earlier time: it all depends on the weather.

As alder blossoms

As soon as the fields appear thawed, blossom mother and stepmother, and with it the alder. If you look at this tree, you can see quite long catkins, hanging from the branches. Just a couple of days is enough once tightly closed buds opened up and increased in size two times, changed the color.

Large earrings, collected in bundles of three or five pieces, is a «men’s earrings» with staminate flowers. As you know, the alder — tree is monoecious, so if you look closely, you can see and «female flowers», they look like small reddish buds (in the future — «alder cones»). Some people even call these inflorescence buds, in fact alder buds (leaf), though have similar inflorescences coloration, however they are always covered with shiny reddish scales.

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