How to sew a crocodile-transformer

The crocodile — finger trainer not only introduces modern baby with classic clasps, but also coordinate the movement of fine motor skills. Perhaps from the offered details, he will bring some completely unseen beast.

Как сшить крокодила-трансформера

You will need

  • — fleece (beige, green);
  • — fabric (green, brown);
  • — sintepon (hollofayber);
  • — threads;
  • a variety of fasteners (fastex, buttons, buckles, zippers, magnetic buttons and flatback);
  • — braid.


1. Carve out two parts of the head of a crocodile. One of them vacate zipper (mouth). Tucked under the fleece part, sweeps along the edge of the workpiece.

2. Sew the head, folding the two parts, right sides inside. Unscrewing the product, tamp hollofayber (synthetic padding).

3. Prepare 2 rectangular valve pristrochite to him a clasp-Velcro (Velcro). Vacate valves in the base of the head. Attach the eye patch.

4. Cut out 4 legs. Only 8 items: 4 from brown and green fabric, as the outer side of the foot will be green and the inside brown. A couple of items put together face inward, paving machine line, remove.

5. The lower part of the legs fill with filler, separating the stitching of the upper plot. Top with a sharp object make a hole and loop handle. Similarly, prepare each leg of the crocodile.

6. Carve out the torso of a crocodile. Attach to details of a fastener that require access from the back: Velcro, snap.
Prostrochite all elements, remove and stuff with the filling, sewing up the exposed areas.

7. Install from tape, the remaining fasteners: zipper, lacing. For fastening the legs to the torso pick the button corresponding to the buttonhole, sew.

8. Sew elongated triangular tail, fill with synthetic padding. Vsheyte in the base of the tail and the edge of the body plug part of the fastex.

9. Now assemble the crocodile-transformer. Similarly, you can sew a Dachshund. For feeding the crocodile stitch flat products — fish bones.

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