What are the dangers of Smoking for the skin

Freedom from every female stereotype of the benefactors and the opportunity to pursue their career in any field has led to the fact that according to statistics now smokes almost every fifth girl.

Курить коже лица вредить

It’s actually sad data. Why the fascination with addiction is a manifestation of free will, and all the warnings of doctors are perceived as heresy and horror villains in white coats.

But if lung cancer, atherosclerosis, intestinal problems and brain things this far, do not understand the youth, and not the fact that they occur because of Smoking, here is the skin and suffer quickly.

Even the most novice beautician or dermatologist can easily see a woman smokes or not. And it’s not magic, but simple biochemistry.

As an effect Smoking on the skin and why is this happening?

There are a few main points:

1. The most quickly manifested factor is the pollution of the skin. When Smoking together with smoke a large amount of tars, nicotine, acids and other toxic substances and heavy. As the temperature increases locally (smoldering cigarette), the pores around the mouth, on the nose dilate and dirt easily penetrates into the pores, causing the hated blackheads and pimples.

2. Next time will be oxygen starvation. The smoke does not contain the necessary amount of oxygen. It there is much lower. So a couple of hits leads to transient reduction of oxygen in the blood. The human body is programmed to protect from such situations the heart and brain, but not the skin. So she suffers most from lack of oxygen. This deficiency leads to cell death, disruption of their division and the formation of harmful substances when the oxygen-free method of producing energy. The most famous of them – free radicals. They are formed due to the incompleteness of the processes of cleavage during the hunger strike cells. Such radicals are able to settle in the skin, not to allow the cells to function normally and to induce changes in the genome of the fabric. Naturally, to anything good it will not.

3. Nicotine has a vasogenic cerebral action, i.e. capable of altering the tone of blood vessels. Constant compression/relaxation when Smoking leads to the fact that they become paralyzed and formed visible spider veins on the face. This does not decorate any woman. Of course, you can argue that makeup works wonders, but paralyzed vessels and nourish the skin normally can’t. And this leads to the next point.

4. Violation of protein synthesis. Collagen and elastin – the key building blocks for firm skin. If the fabric feed is not enough, and their production will be insufficient and will begin to form wrinkles, cheeks to SAG. It is unlikely and it is possible to hide the creams.

Anyway, Smoking or not, is the choice of each. If you are not afraid to five times more rapid aging of the skin, problems with the internal organs, it is unlikely to help any arguments. But if a woman lives a desire to be beautiful and healthy as long as possible, you should opt out of this no good generating habits.

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