How to use prints in interior design

Print rather the current trend in interior design. Adding bright accents can completely transform the look of the room without resorting to a complex repair. Vivid pictures of the seaside or floral motifs of all sizes on the walls and ceiling — tempting, isn’t it? Let’s see how to use the prints in interior design, in order to profitably transform a room.

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Prints, stickers, and photo printing in interior design

Just a couple of decades ago, not everyone could even wall murals to paste — as a result, one apartment was like another, in General, boring and uninteresting. But the years go by, things change, now no surprise living room red or bright yellow kitchen. This is the norm today, additionally, there are many ways to make their homes bright, bright, colour. Just remember the photo printing. Prints deposited on a solid surface ceiling, walls and even furniture, just make the room look new, making fresh notes. But remember that you don’t need them to clutter up the room! It is advisable to bring a certain focus, not forgetting about color harmony. Do not allow diversity and clutter, otherwise everything will be spoiled. To use print you need to know when to stop.

While designing the interior of residential premises priority in printing design are floral motifs. They look harmoniously in any room and in the living room and in the nursery. Second place is occupied by natural motifs — for example, the image of the sea coast. Then the baton was picked up by animal images. By the way, if selecting prints in the directory nothing came up, you can make the personal order. This can be a photo of a loved one or a portrait image of all family members, as a symbol of love and family unity. The choice is huge and the opportunities to realize them even more.

Photo printing makes it easy and delicious to decorate and the kitchen. For example, on the surface of the doors of the kitchen cabinets you can apply a bright fruit print.

In the children’s room playful and bright print will look with the image of a favorite cartoon character on the wall. By the way, photo printing on furniture will come to the rescue if your child during games accidentally messed up the locker or table.

Using the photo can skillfully to achieve a logical conclusion the image of the room in General. For example, if you are in the living room there is a sofa with classic upholstery «in flower», having placed a large floral print on the opposite wall or causing individual elements of this print on frosted glass Cabinet doors, the room will take effect completed the picture.

All the above proves that prints the design can be used in a variety of ways. The main thing is to apply it easily, elegantly and with style! To transform the apartment, if there is no money for repairs, simply – would be a fantasy.

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