Where can I use sawdust

Sawdust is an organic fertilizer that is extremely useful for use in the garden. If you use it right it is possible to provide a rich harvest even in a small space. Sawdust may be used in various purposes. Here are a few options.

Где можно использовать опилки

Sawdust in the beds with strawberries

When mulching the ridges with strawberry sawdust growing berries will not touch the ground and rot. If you make it in autumn, a layer of sawdust will ensure the planting protection from freezing. They also do not allow weeds to germinate. If you use sawdust from softwood, treated with urea, it will deter some insects.

Filing for forming low ridges

To raise low ridges proceed as follows. Around the ridges make furrows 30-40 cm wide, depth 20 cm Removed from their land, put to bed. In the trench fill sawdust. Besides the fact that now even after the rain you will be able to approach the bed, not afraid to get dirty, so prevents desiccation ridges. Sawdust will not allow the weeds to germinate, and beregnev, makes a wonderful fertilizer. Earth when mixed with them it becomes warmer and thicker.

Filing for the high ridges

High beds are formed on a thick layer of organic material, where a bit of soil. In such a multilayer structure excellent flowers and vegetables. For her installations, remove the top layer of the earth and moved aside. In the trench, make a bed of hay, covered sawdust treated with urea. Stack another layer of organic matter it can be rotten leaves or grass. On top of all the previously removed cover the ground.

To the edges of the ridges do not crumble, make a barrier around the crop. You can use straw or turf roots out. On these ridges the plants require more water, so the sides of the ridges, it is useful to hide the film – this reduces the evaporation of moisture.

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