Polishing floor

Everyone wants to live in comfort and beauty. But over time, the appearance of the flooring is changing. What can we do? You can change the floor covering to use, but it is expensive and labor-intensive. Because it would be better to just spend it polishing.

Полировка пола

In the process of life there is a need for something to restore or repair. This fully applies to floors that are worn in the course of their operation. They have lost the appearance, the floor boards begin to creak. It’s time to think, how to repair old wooden floor. Before floor repair appreciate its condition and the required scope of work, procurement of necessary tools.

We must not forget about the means of protection of respiratory organs and eyes, purchased a respirator and goggles. The room made all the furniture, remove the curtains, the doors of other rooms close, Windows open for ventilation. Windows open only on one side. If you open from the opposite side, there will be a draft, which can adversely affect the health of workers.

Be sure to remove the baseboards. So the plinth does not break, use a chisel and wedges which are inserted between the deflected edge of the baseboard and the wall, eliminating the possibility of the return of the baseboard back. For easier installation of baseboard numerous. Extra nails remaining in the wall are removed with pliers.

Paul carefully reviewed to identify sticking out of the floor nails. Identified protruding nails utaplivajutsja in the floor boards, to a depth of not less than 3 millimeters. Nails that are impossible to drown in boards are removed. Detected in the floor cracks more than 3 mm are removed by means of wedges of the boards, which is driven into the slot. If the gap is less than 3 millimeters – it is closed up with putty.

Floor prepared for Stripping. On the reel grinding machines is put coarse sandpaper for the first pass. Make a pass along the boards if the floor planks if has parquet flooring is on the diagonal. The machine must constantly move. If it stops and will not turn off, it will leave indentations and irregularities in the floor. After removing the upper layer from the floor is changed from coarse grit paper to medium paper.

The floor is traversed a second time in the same way as the first. Then set a fine-grained emery paper and runs the floor for the third time. We must remember that after each pass with the floor removed the sawdust and cleaned the dust box grinding machines. For hard-to-reach places cars are stripped manually. After Stripping the floor is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and wet cleaning is done.

The next phase of restoration work – floors varnish. Of all kinds of varnishes are best for floor coverings suitable polyurethane varnish. After drying, the lacquer acquires the strength and the lifespan much longer than other varnishes. Are floor varnish from the wall using a wide brush. Giving them the opportunity to dry the first layer, put the second, then the third. That’s enough. After the varnish has dried install the baseboards, put the furniture and hang the curtains.

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