«1C-Accounting» 8 PROF «1C: Accounting»?

Popular program «1C-Accounting» version 8 is available in several assemblies. Thus, prevalent TRAC modification, as well as basic version of this software. What is their specificity? «1C-Accounting» 8 PROF «1C-Accounting» 8 in the classic version?

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What is the program «1C-Accounting» 8 PROF?

The program «1C-Accounting» 8 TRAC — universal accounting software, allowing to solve tasks such as:

  • preparing various kinds of reports;
  • accounting of profit tax, USN, UTII;
  • maintain batch records;
  • work with the accounts, which keep records of inventories and transactions under contracts;
  • accounting for several legal entities within one or more databases.

Distinctive features of the programme PROF are that:

  • configuration of application interfaces used in the corresponding SOFTWARE, can be changed based on the needs of a particular company;
  • the program supports the multiplayer objectives.
  • the supported network modes, COM-connection, Automation functions server, engaging in the web client.

It should be noted that the version of «1C» PROF may often repositioned as much as you want — on one or on different PCs.

to contents ↑What is a basic version of the software «1C-Accounting» 8?

A classic version of «1C-Accounting» 8 is, in turn, ON a single user — that is, it is designed for installation only on one PC. In addition, in comparison with the modification of the TRAC it has other restrictions. Namely:

  • information in a single database record can be only one legal entity;
  • the program is not capable of functioning in network mode, does not support COM connections that are not compatible with the Automation server, is not activated in the web client;
  • in the corresponding version of the software is missing the ability to use geographically distributed database;
  • basic modification of «1C», you can only reinstall 3 times on different computers;
  • the configuration of the interfaces used in the program cannot be changed based on the needs of the enterprise.

Other functionality version of TRAC that we have considered above, are fully supported and base version.

to contents ↑the Difference between «1C-Accounting» and PROF 8 «1C-Accounting» 8 in the basic version

The main difference between «1C-Accounting» 8 PROF «1C-Accounting» in base 8 the Assembly is that the version of TRAC supports a larger number of possibilities. But overall, the functionality of both versions of «1C» is comparable. If necessary, the user of the basic version of «1C» will be able to transfer their account to a more advanced build. The database, formed in one embodiment 1C, as a rule, fully compatible with the other.

Defining the difference between «1C-Accounting» and PROF 8 «1C-Accounting» 8 in the basic version, let’s fix the findings in the small table.

to content ↑Comparative table

«1C-Accounting» 8 PROF.
«1C-Accounting» 8 in the basic version

What is common between them?

Database records, generated in one version of «1C», as a rule, can be fully transferred to another Assembly FOR

Both versions of «1C» support functions such as reporting, accounting income tax, USN, UTII, batch accounting, working with material and inventory, contracts, accounting on different companies in separate databases

What is the difference between them?

Supports accounting for multiple legal entities in one database
Does not support this function

Allows you to make changes to the configuration of the interfaces
Does not support this function

Can work in multiplayer mode
Designed for engagement by a single user

No restrictions on number of installations
Can be reset 3 times on different PC

Supports various network technologies
Not compatible with network technologies

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