What is the difference between cheese from a cheese product?

Many people are very sensitive to the issues of their food. They try to include in the diet of healthy foods, including dairy. Kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk – acquaintance with them begins almost with infancy. However, relatively recently on the shelves of modern shops appeared very «suspicious» item. It comes cottage cheese products that are flavored sweet desserts with added fruit and berries. But is it possible to include them in your daily menu and does any body use for this dish? Talk more about that and try to understand, than differs from a cheese curd product.

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Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese – the traditional Northern and Eastern Europe fermented milk product. Is produced through the fermentation of raw materials with further removal of whey. Product is classified by fat content, which can range from 0 to 23 %. In old Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian languages curd and cheese was denoted by one word. However, in English culture the first product is still considered a variation of the last. There are two main ways of production of cottage cheese: traditional and separate. The second is used to obtain a fat-free product. Cheese is a valuable source of easily digestible dairy protein, which helps to improve fat metabolism. It also contains large amounts of calcium and vitamins b, C, R. the Product strengthens bone and cartilage, activates the production of hemoglobin in the blood and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. No wonder cheese is shown to use children from infancy.

Curd product

Cheese product – a milk or milk-containing product made from curds with special technology. This category includes a wide range of titles. As an example, the kids favorite puddings and glazed cheese and curds and desserts. In the production of similar products in the role of ferment are coconut, palm or any other vegetable oil. To increase the shelf life in them add artificial stabilizers and antioxidants. Information about their presence should contain on the packaging. As a result, the product remains edible for several days and even weeks.

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It is obvious that the main differences of gastronomic products lie in their composition. Cottage cheese contains only natural ingredients: whole milk, animal fats and leaven. The product has a granular texture and white color. He has a sweet and sour taste and a slight smell of milk. The shelf life of the cheese, manufactured according to GOST, is only 72 hours. However, on the shelves of modern shops is the product in airtight containers, which can be eaten for much longer time. This is due to using the technology of membrane filtration that is popular among many well-known manufacturers. Since it involves heating of the raw material, lactic acid bacteria simply die. Therefore, while maintaining the nutritional value of the food its good for the body almost comes to naught.

The main difference from the cheese curd product is that in the latter including vegetable fats. We are talking about palm and coconut oils, which can reach up to 50 %. This product is hard to call natural, because it is added stabilizers, antioxidants, flavorings and preservatives. In this way, the shelf life of the product curd becomes quite long, and its smell is particularly intense. It can have different consistency: loose, dense, homogeneous or pasty.

Another distinctive feature of the product is sugary sweet taste, achieved by adding sugar. Its color can be white, and grayish. The product contains a lot more carbohydrates and less protein than cottage cheese. It is not easily digestible dish. On the contrary, the abuse of desserts can lead to obesity. While the cheese is used in the diets. It is of particular benefit to the organism, unlike the unnatural composition of the product. Accordingly, the price of cheese is higher. However, despite all the valuable properties, to abuse it is still not worth it.

To summarize, what is the difference between cheese and cheese product.

Cottage cheese
Curd product

Is a fermented milk product
Is a milk-containing food

The production uses only animal fats
Formulated with palm and coconut oils

Acts as a totally natural product
There are the preservatives, flavorings and dyes

Has a grainy consistency
The consistency can be varied

The retention period is 72 hours
Suitable for food for a longer time

Has a white color
Assume a grayish hue

Characterized by a sweet and sour taste
Sugary-sweet taste

Different minimal content of carbohydrates
The amount of carbohydrates above

Is easily digestible treat
Can lead to obesity

Is of special value for the organism
Carries more harm than benefit

Has a relatively high cost
The price is more affordable

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