5 signs he likes you: how to understand the guy

Every girl wants to be sure of my sincere feelings to the man of her dreams. To ask the indelicate, and the answer may not be entirely truthful. To doubt the seriousness of intent is no longer necessary, because there are 5 major signs that he likes you. Everything happens instinctively. On the one hand, it is felt interest, but with another – uncertainty in sincerity. Young people may behave strange: loud random laugh or not to pay attention to you. How to figure out what caused this behavior?

How to understand what a guy likes

On the question of what women are like men, there is no definite answer. People have different preferences, but the girl will like, if you like the type of boyfriend that looks after himself, has good manners, and sweet and unobtrusive. So, 5 major signs that you really like the guy:

  1. Views. Relationships start with sight. You look into each other’s eyes, and everything freezes. Between two people establishes a kind of relationship – energy that should be felt. If you care about the guy, the young person is «so» look.
  2. Actions. Look at actions, not promises. The man will set the pace of development of relations, to develop the course of events. The guy likes what you say, always interested in you. Never forgets a birthday, likes friends and likes your cat. Meets with you as often as possible. As banal as it may sound, you understand. And jealous, though trying to hide it.
  3. Tactile contact. In each case hugs the waist, straightens your hair or even just casually touches you. If a young man took the girl’s hand, the one firmly lodged in the mind of the guy.
  4. Always on connection. He often calls or texts. Initiative boyfriend in social networks proves interest in you. Young man wishes «good morning» and «sweet dreams» sends cute smiley faces, flowers and other amenities in the messages.
  5. The guy bored with you. You enjoy together, talk about anything, and silence does not cause embarrassment. The guy does not miss you, feels when not in the mood. If you laugh at the jokes the guy is a big plus.

Signs of the sympathy of man to woman

Often the nature of frankly indicates that you are drawn to each other. But sometimes does it more subtly, which is reflected in some aspects of the behavior of the young man. Love the guy will be more regular to meet on your way, warm smile. Seeing you, the boyfriend will Pisanitsa, straighten shoulders and brush off non-existent dust from his sleeve.

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