Activated carbon for purification of the body: the manual and some reviews

What is unique about activated charcoal? Cheap universal tool, which once again recalled in recent years. People who care about their health, are increasingly taking activated charcoal for cleansing the body, detoxification, weight loss. The drug will be able to provide high efficiency only if it is used correctly, in accordance with the requirements. Read more benefits of sorbents for cleaning the body.

The beneficial properties of activated charcoal

The beneficial properties of the coal of capsules or tablets has long been known. Scientists still consider activated charcoal is the safest of all substances, adsorbing and which can be taken orally. Having a powerful negative charge, a porous surface coal attracts heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, got together with food.

Passing through the gastro-intestinal tract, carbon basis of preparation «collects» from the walls of the esophagus, the intestine stagnant fat and even parasites, if any. Indispensable will be the cleansing of the body charcoal tablets in case of poisoning or overeating. Generalizing, it is possible to briefly learn about activated carbon for purification of an organism that it is:

  • removes heartburn;
  • relieves nausea;
  • reduces the feeling of bloating flatulence;
  • absorbs unpleasant odor coming from the stomach;
  • cleanses the body of toxins, nitrates, pesticides;
  • in combination with other drugs relieves acne, which is a consequence of slagging of the body;
  • in compliance with certain regimens helps reduce weight.

How to take to cleanse the body

In life can happen in several situations, the consequence of which will intoxication. Regardless of the reason of hit of harmful substances, activated charcoal is perfectly cope with the task of cleansing the body. Small tips will help in real life situations. See how must occur a purification activated carbon in specific cases.

When food and alcohol poisoning

At the first sign of poisoning as food and alcohol, it is necessary to wash out the stomach with solution with activated charcoal. Per litre of warm water stir 20-25 g crushed tablets (one tablet weight of 0.5 g). Obtained a suspension of washed stomach. In the water you can add a few crystals of potassium permanganate. Make sure that she got inside of the stomach.

After induced vomiting, give warm drink plenty of liquids. If the poisoned condition is not improving, taking pills to cleanse the body. Calculating 1 tablet=10kg of body weight. After an alcohol party, ending the poisoning in the morning to avoid the painful symptoms of a hangover, before the first food, drink 4-5 tablets of coal.

When cleaning the intestines of toxins

How to clean the bowel activated charcoal? Arose the protracted decay products in the intestinal tract leading to fermentation, abundant gassing, discomfort. Such signs of slagging of the intestine cause a lot of trouble. Toxins trapped in the body along with used products cause a constant feeling of nausea, diarrhea.

To get rid of the painful unpleasant symptoms, three times in the day you should drink pharmacy activated charcoal for cleansing the body. Minor signs of discomfort in the intestines done the calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight. After one to three days of acceptance comes relief. For more complex cases, consult your doctor, get a more precise instruction on the use of absorbent substances, especially if you have a stomach ulcer.

If you have allergies

Medicine believes that allergies are a disease of the century. The skin is the largest excretory organ. When disturbed the normal operation of the intestine, liver, kidneys and they are unable to cope independently with the removal of toxins from the body, a part of the cleansing operation rests on the skin. Frequent load cause allergic reactions such as itchy rashes.

Activated charcoal can help. Once in the stomach, and then into the intestine, the coal does not dissolve, and on the way collects all encountered harmful substances. Long-term treatment with charcoal should not be, as with «bad» products, it carries the calcium and other minerals. By using the carbon pill may reduce the load of allergens on the body during the seasonal peak (spring and autumn). Treatment of an adult under medical supervision can last up to two weeks, taking morning and evening 1 tablet per 20 kg of weight. For children prescribed the Lite scheme.

From acne

Activated charcoal is not a panacea in the fight against acne, acne, acne. It helps to restore and normalize the digestive tract. Often the problem with skin occurs on the background of malnutrition, stagnation in the intestine. The toxins from the decay products, have a negative impact on the skin in the form of inflamed pimples. Getting rid of stomach problems and bowel with activated charcoal, will automatically improve the condition of the outer skin. The duration of treatment and dosage must be prescribed by a doctor.

In preparation for abdominal ultrasound

To abdominal ultrasound passed without distortion, proper preparation is needed for the procedure. A few days is recommended a particular diet, not causing the occurrence of excessive gas. If you can’t completely get rid of flatulence, the doctor appoints reception of activated charcoal in the evening before the examination and not less than three hours before him in a dosage appropriate to their age and weight. For an adult of medium build single reception is 5-7 tablets.

How to drink charcoal pills

Wanted to lose weight by using activated carbon, is necessary to understand for yourself that these pills are withdrawn from the body of nenacovice the excess fat and garbage, increase weight. Food tract, clogged slag, causing a feeling of heaviness. Even after a one-week course of reception of coal pills, you can get rid of several pounds of weight. All depends on how contaminated the intestine. Doctors recommend not discarded the possibility to lose weight applying activated charcoal. There are three techniques that are popular.

  1. The most common method is to calculate the norm of tablets by weight. One tablet 0.25 g capacity for 10 kg. Having a weight of 70 kg, a daily need to drink 7 tablets. The course lasts a week with a break of at least a month. Such courses can be up to three or four, so that was the effect. During the break hard to take multivitamins and mineral complexes.
  2. Regardless of body weight, daily you need to drink exactly 10 tablets, but not at once, but in stages with long intervals, after meals. Three courses of 10 days each with a break of three months to fully cleanse the body of toxins. To achieve the desired cleaning effect and reduce the weight to fix, need to get rid of bad habits there are a lot of sweet, flour and drinking sodas.
  3. Drink pill three times a day, distributing the daily rate. In between activated carbon with a difference in 3 hours, you need to take maintenance medicines, vitamins. The reception of the adsorbent should be based on the following scheme:
  • Day 1 – 3 tablets;
  • Day 2 – 4 tablets;
  • Day 3 – 5 tablets;
  • Day 4,5,6,7,8 – add 1 tablet per day until the number reaches 10 pieces.

Are there side effects and contraindications

There are a number of nuances that should pay attention when taking activated charcoal:

Reviews about the outcome after applying

Christina, 37 years: In the last 6 years by appointment of a nutritionist friend, I have twice in the year doing a bowel cleanse activated charcoal. Not much fond of, took a week to 4 pills a day. It helps me not to accumulate extra weight in the gut, so in recent years I feel very easy, along the way got rid of the bulging tummy.

Lena, 42 years: I Want to share my experience, in my case, bitter. My husband sometimes likes to drink hard, and in the morning during a hangover is a frustrated us with children. I found a way how to calm down. To wean from alcohol does not work, but in the morning instead of dipyrone drink activated charcoal as a cure. Fortunately, the pills have a positive effect on her husband, he becomes angry, because she quickly gets rid of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

Galina, 24 years: Since adolescence I have had problem skin on the face. Especially in spring was worsening, the number of pimples increased. I was very surprised when the beautician recommended ancient method – to drink activated charcoal in a certain pattern. Never thought there could be such a relationship. The scheme I use is strictly on the recommendation of the third season. See – it really works. The skin became cleaner and easier treatable.

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