The Iodinol from fungus nails: the instruction on application of a therapeutic agent

Such an unpleasant and sudden phenomenon, like athlete’s foot or a fungus that may occur in every. Is an infectious disease transmitted from person to person, to cure completely hard. It is recommended to use the Iodinol from nail fungus in combination therapy. It is an antiseptic, which helps to soften and remove infected nail. Get rid of athlete’s foot is very important, because on the background of the accumulation of harmful substances, toxins, poisoning the body.

The Composition Of Iodinol

There are no quick way to get rid of nail fungus. However, there are medications and solutions that will assist you fight the infection. These substances include Iodinol, which you can buy without a prescription in virtually every pharmacy. Its properties are highly valued in medicine, previously it was widely used to treat a wide range of diseases. With the development of pharmacology about medicine was forgotten, but the efficiency is not decreased. It consists of:

  • 0.1% of iodine;
  • 0.9% polyvinyl alcohol;
  • 0.9% of potassium iodide.

Most people spend the treatment of nail fungus at home and is great for this, the Iodinol. Inexpensive, effective remedy that has no side effects, has the property of foaming and fast dissolving in the water. Positive action is based on the ability to cleave molecular iodine that exerts the strongest antimicrobial and antiseptic action. Treatment for nail fungus iodine is used for a long time. The medication helps to effectively deal with:

  • pathogenic bacteria, yeast, fungal origin;
  • Staphylococcus aureus;
  • Escherichia coli.

Instructions for applying Iodinol from nail fungus

To show the athlete may be on the fingers and toes. The medication is suitable for both cases with only a slight difference in the method of application. Treatment with Iodinol from nail fungus lasts, as a rule, no more than 5 days, the diseased tissue should be completely soften and can be removed. Therapy is complex, resulting in the fungus dies, and in place of the infected nail grow healthy.

The main advantage of the drug – the absence of contraindications. It does not cause allergies, even in children. To refrain from the use only need to people with impaired thyroid function. In their body excess iodine can aggravate the condition, especially that rule is important for people with hyperthyroidism. The vehicle used for the feet in the form of baths, and for the hands of the compress.

Drug treatment of fungus toenails

Manual treatment on legs:

  1. Prepare a container for the foot bath.
  2. Sprinkle a little of the drug in warm water.
  3. Keep your feet in the liquid for 20 minutes.
  4. After softening the tissue to clean off the top layer.
  5. Perform the procedure daily.

How to treat nail fungus on hands

Instructions for treatment on hand:

  1. Prepare cotton pad, polyethylene, plaster.
  2. Apply on cotton wool with the solution and apply to the affected area.
  3. Wrap the top with plastic and secure with tape.
  4. Apply the poultice in the morning and evening.
  5. Gradually the fabric softened remove.

Feedback about the tool

Egor, 33 years: don’t know where, but picked up a fungus on his feet. To start decided to try folk remedies. Recommended to moisten the cloth 2 times a day and cut down to the affected layer. Someone claims that the Iodinol is treating the infection, but as for me, it probably helps to soften the nail plate and not to spread to other fingers. Cured the disease for 1 month.

Alain, 28 years: When looking for how to cure nail fungus, you understand that the main thing – the approach must be comprehensive. You need to drink the medicine, to destroy the pathogen in blood, to cut off the affected nail plate and not to allow the disease to spread. For removal I used the Iodinol, as a remedy for nail fungus on hand. It perfectly softens it for easy removal.

Andrew, 36 years: have Used this medication. At first it seemed that the disease was, but had a relapse and grew the diseased nail. Perhaps the Iodinol good treats the nail plate, but if the infection remains in the blood, then the disease will come back again. Consult your doctor for appointment complex treatment. And the sooner you do, the better.

Elena, 28 years: Trying to cure the disease yodinolom, but nothing came of it. The doctor said that this drug could help, if I started to use it earlier, and I already started the disease. For later stages of this substance is not suitable, should be used something more potent.

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