Teach baby to use a potty: tips for parents

One of the most exciting and troubling questions of all parents – how to teach a toddler to potty when it needs to be done? Someone is trying to «put on the pot» of their child as early as possible so as to save yourself from the trouble of spending money on diapers, the rest are in no hurry to do that. But when it is this need to do, moms don’t know.

 Приучаем малыша к горшку: советы родителям

The first attempts to introduce your baby to the potty would be more appropriately done after the first year of life. To do this before it is not necessary and even harmful for physiological reasons: the skeleton of the spine of the baby is still quite weak for such loads.

Some rules to accustom to the pot

First of all, this event should prepare not only the child but parents too. They should understand that you will spend a lot more time to instill the baby’s toilet habits not only on weekends but also on weekdays.

Secondly, the best time is summer. At this time, the process of drying happens quickly, so the risks of getting sick the child is very small.

Thirdly, it is better to buy an ordinary pot. No need to buy a vivid pots with pictures, or attached toys. The pot is a matter of hygiene, not a toy.

Fourth, to mirror better on the potty after meals or sleep, and when you realize that the child needs to release the stomach. But at this point it is important not to frighten the child, do not fuss.

Fifthly, if your kid managed to carry out his plan, be sure to praise him.

In the process of potty training parents should not forget that the process is important: teach your child to certain actions (to sit on the pot, to remove panties), so he can remember this algorithm next time.

Even if your toddler is already well accustomed to the pot, completely forgotten about the diapers should not be. Diapers is good to take with you in trip, use at night or in the cooler for a walk.

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