What is atsetonemichnyh syndrome and how to deal with it

How to recognize the symptoms of acetonemia the child, on what to look for and how to help your child before the visit of the doctor? What are the reasons for the development atsetonemichnyh syndrome?

Что такое ацетонемический синдром и как с ним бороться


1. Atsetonemiya increase in the blood content of acetone bodies. it may be error with food: fatty foods with a minimal amount of carbohydrates and serious endocrine disorders. Therefore, in the home medicine Cabinet should indeed be the test strips for acetone. In the case of a positive result, you need urgently to call a doctor.

2. That can alert a mother even before the deterioration of the health of the child? Primarily, nervousness,
hyperactivity, especially if the child is by nature demure. Even a slightly perceptible smell of acetone breath. These early signs of development atsetonemichnyh syndrome appear 1-2 days before the deterioration of health. Do the acetone test and call your pediatrician.

3. The atsetonemiya can be recognized by the following signs:
— copious debilitating vomiting up to 50 times a day;
— increase in body temperature to 38-39 degrees;
— blush on the cheeks with paleness of the total;
— weakness, drowsiness, the child walks with difficulty, falling.

4. When observing such symptoms immediately make a test for acetone. Such tests are sold in any drugstore.
A simple way to test: collect urine in a Cup, dip the test strip in Cup with urine for a few seconds, then put it on a horizontal, dry and clean surface, after 1-2 minutes the result is already visible.
Scale evaluation result — from white to dark crimson. If after testing the color of the test strips from white to pale yellow — the content of acetone bodies in normal color from beige to crimson says about the acetone bodies increased. Dark crimson color indicates a very strong increase in the level of acetone in the blood, in this case, likely to require hospitalization in children infectious diseases hospital.
If the test is positive — call your doctor immediately.

5. Be prepared to visit the pediatrician. Most likely, You will ask, what did I eat for 1-3 days before the attack atsetonemichnyh syndrome. Try to remember in detail the menu of the child during this period. If the cause
acetonemia not endocrine disorders, it can develop subsequently in the abuse of sweets, fatty and
fried dishes, and can also be caused by prolonged music from starvation.

6. Generally, treatment of mild forms of acetonemia is at home and is reduced to eliminate toxins from the body, and the observance of strict diet. The doctor will prescribe the adsorbent, means to improve digestion, solution for recovery of water-mineral balance disturbed by vomiting. When acetonemia Diet involves exclusion from the diet of fat of any kind, fried, smoked dishes. Permitted for use: potatoes or rice, cooked with water, without sugar, salt and spices, biscuits, crackers (not from bags, and dried in the oven bread). After 2-3 days, as the improvement in the diet of introduced buckwheat and oat porridge with water, without oil, vegetable soup.
Throughout the period of treatment in the diet present alkaline mineral water without gas.
Treatment of severe forms of acetonemia is held stationary.

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